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Game Box for Gun Metal (PC)

Gun Metal

A dynamic action game originally developed for Xbox and then ported to PC. Gun Metal takes players to a distant future in which humanity moved to the planet of Helios after they had been expelled from Earth by aliens.

Action | TPP | science fiction | Mechs and Robots | shooters

Gun Metal cover

developer: Yeti Studios

publisher: Rage Software

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Game mode: single player

game release date:





Gun Metal is a dynamic third-person shooter developed by Yeti Studios. The title was released for PC and XBX among other platforms.


The action of Gun Metal takes place in the distant future. The humanity fell victim to an alien invasion and was decimated. The survivors managed to leave Earth and the Solar system to find shelter in the remote planet Helios. Years of wellness had passed, and it almost seemed like the threat was obviated, but the humanity’s old enemies followed their trail. Luckily, humans are not defenseless this time. The eponymous Gun Metal — an advanced mech that is capable of transforming into a futuristic fighter — is the biggest hope for successful defense. The player assumes the role of a pilot of such a machine, trying to turn the tide to Helios’ inhabitants advantage.


Gun Metal for PC and XBX features fourteen missions. Our tasks include both offensive and defensive operations so we can participate in defenses of cities, escorting convoys, covering our allies’ retreats, and elimination of hostile units. We perform our objectives in various environments, including deserts, valleys covered with a network of rivers, canyons filled with narrow isthmuses, densely wooded mountain areas, and in winter sceneries. Hostiles have various units: starting with infantry and hovercrafts, through armored transporters and tanks, and ending with well-armed fighters.

The Gun Metal we control is capable of operating in two modes. The first one is Havoc Suit — a ten-meter-high mech that offers twelve kinds of weapons. The arsenal includes machine guns, anti-air guns, and more advanced hardware like ion cannons, demolishing bombs, and the spectacular Trident which is a rocket launcher that can launch three homing missiles simultaneously. Having transformed into a fighter, and thus activating the Havoc Jet mode, we can use another set of twelve weapons including rapid cannon and even napalm. It is worth mentioning that we can take up to four kinds of weapons for a mission, while the more advanced armaments are unlocked as we progress in the game. The above is complemented by the presence of a shield that significantly increased the durability of our machine.

Technical aspects

Gun Metal for PC and XBX features high-quality graphics — the game sharp textures are impressive, there is a destructible environment, and various effects, such as traces of exhaust gases or bullet streaks, that accompany the dynamic combat look great. Moreover, the rich audio, especially the soundtrack composed for the purposes of the title, is especially noteworthy.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended: Pentium III 800MHz, 128MB RAM, 32MB RAM graphic card
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