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Hitman HD Trilogy (X360 cover
Game Box forHitman HD Trilogy (X360)

Hitman HD Trilogy

A bundle of three remastered parts of the Hitman series, initially published by Eidos between 2002-2006. It tells the story of an agent, codenamed 47, genetically engineered to become the best assassin in the world.

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Hitman HD Trilogy Release Date


X360 PS3

developer: IO Interactive publisher: Square Enix

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Released in 2013, Hitman HD Trilogy combines three games from the universe of the world's best paid killer. The set includes Hitman: Silent Assassin published in 2002, Hitman: Contracts from 2004 and Hitman: Blood Money from 2006. This edition was released on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 consoles in two versions - basic and limited edition, with an artbook presenting 22 key and iconic moments from all parts.

The Hitman series tells the story of 47 - a lushly hairless tattooing owner with a barcode on the occipital, which is in fact a genetic experiment. The artificially created hero of the game is also the best paid killer in the world, providing his clients with perfection in pure form. The Agency's staff travels around the globe to eliminate his targets - the donation of the Sicilian mafia, the head of the Chinese Triad or the owner of a ruined funfair. However, history always turns out to have a second bottom, where in the course of commissioned missions it is also necessary to fight for one's own life. In Silent Assassin, an ideal killer trying to help father Emilio Vittorio, kidnapped by the Italian mafia, as a result of his actions he will be imprinted on influential and dangerous people who are aware of the reputation he has earned in his profession. It soon turns out that the kidnapped clergyman is only a lure in the game, the main stake of which is the Hitman himself. Contracts to a completely different approach to the subject - we meet the protagonist of the series at the moment when with a shot wound he rolls into his hotel apartment. From now on, he will be accompanied by numerous hallucinations and flashbacks from his mission. Each memory 47 is a separate order, in which we will already take part in person. In addition to new and yet unknown tasks, a characteristic feature of this release are the refreshed versions of the mission from the previous parts, including the first family game Codename 47, absent in HD Trilogy. In Hitman: Blood Money, the game's protagonist will face the greatest threat in his career - the former FBI director, Alexander Eland Cayne, obsessed with capturing and showing the world the urban legend that has become the 47.

In the gameplay theme, the Hitman series is an internationally acclaimed third-person sneakdown with action elements. Before each task we choose the equipment necessary to fulfill the mission in the form of firearms, chloroform used to put enemies to sleep, remotely detonated bombs or characteristic for a series of coaches - a thin line used for quick and silent suffocation of enemies. The only exception is Contracts, which due to top-down assumptions does not give us access to the arsenal unlocked as the game progresses. Before the action itself, it is also possible to review the map of the area where we will move, view the photo of the destination and familiarize ourselves with key information for the success of the mission. The detail is an indication that our goal is often set in a local restaurant, it may help us to fulfill our mission, although the very planning and development of an ideal way to accomplish the task is already a matter of a slow analysis of the environment and the behavior of independent characters in the game itself. Nothing stands in the way of knocking out all the guards in the area with a machine gun or rifle, but it is the quiet way of action and elimination of the target only, preferably in a way similar to an accident, that is the quintessence and the source of the greatest fun in the series. Moving around the area without causing any suspicion is available thanks to a kind of production showcase, i.e. the possibility of dressing up as any character you meet. The ragdoll physics system, which continuously calculates the behaviour of the torn body, will allow to remove a dormant or eliminated delicatessen from visible places. None of the parts have multiplayer mode.

All three games are displayed in high resolution and are equipped with trophies and achievement-to-acquire.

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Last updated on 22 January 2013

Game mode: single player  

User score: 9 / 10 based on 217 votes.

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