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Kingdom Conquest II (iOS cover
Game Box forKingdom Conquest II (iOS)

Kingdom Conquest II

Kingdom Conquest II is a mobile strategy with RPG elements.

Strategy | fantasy | turn-based | RPG elements | MMORTS | action RPG

Kingdom Conquest II Release Date





developer: SEGA publisher: SEGA

Kingdom Conquest II, released on AND and iOS, is a fantasy strategy enriched with elements taken from card games and MMORPGs. The game is available in a free-to-play model with microtransactions and was developed by Sega.


Kingdom Conquest II takes place on the chaotic magical continent of Magna, for which the greatest human empires fought for a thousand years. For some unexplained reason, nobody remembers the exact course of the conflict, but at the end of it, a single king took control of the land. Since then, a period of peace and prosperity began, which lasted ten thousand years.

Of course, Kingdom Conquest II begins when all of this comes to an end. A gigantic tower appears in the heart of the continent, spawning hordes of monsters. Rulers with the greatest potential living in different regions of the land are visited by a mysterious woman who offers them rings of the king and entrusts them with the task of defending the forces of evil and taking over Magna.


Players take on the role of one of such rulers and their task is to prove themselves worthy of becoming the king. Kingdom Conquest II combines various game genres. The core of the game is a real-time strategic mode, in which we manage the nation. We must collect resources, construct buildings, research new technologies and train the army. We use these troops during turn-based battles. During them, we help ourselves by playing cards drawn from our deck.

The game also has a mode resembling action RPGs. In addition to armies, we also have a team of heroes and we have to send them on missions. Most of them focus on going through dungeons full of monsters and traps. During these sections, we observe the events from a camera placed behind the back of our chosen hero. The combat system is very dynamic and the character's skills, as well as our reflexes, play an equally important role. We can also gain experience and develop heroes.

Game modes

Kingdom Conquest II allows you to compete with artificial intelligence, but the real fun starts in the multiplayer mode. As part of the online options, we can fight wars with other players' countries and then join one big faction, or explore the undergrounds together with our friends in a cooperative mode.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

App size:

Expectations: 6.4 / 10 based on 11 votes.

Age restrictions Kingdom Conquest II: Good for all ages.

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