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Game Box for Koudelka (PS1)

Koudelka PS1

A Japanese role-playing game in the horror convention. The title is embedded in the universe with the time developed through the Shadow Hearts cycle. The action of the game takes place in 1898 and focuses on a young woman exploring the secrets of a gloomy monastery.

RPG | horror | jRPG

Sony PlayStation 1
Koudelka cover

developer: Sacnoth

publisher: SNK Playmore

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


Koudelka is a horror-style Japanese feature game (jRPG), released on PS1 in 1999. This is the first title embedded in the universe developed later by the Shadow Hearts cycle. The game was created by Sacnoth studio, founded by the composer of music to the Secret of Man series, Hiroki Kikut.


Action issued on PS1 platform Coudels takes place in 1898 and focuses on the gloomy history of the Nemeton Monastery in Wales. The main character of the production is the title Koudelka, a young woman gifted with supernatural healing abilities, who was brought to the monastery by a mysterious voice. The girl, together with several other people she meets on the spot, explores the history of the dark place and discovers its macabre secrets.


Koudelka on PS1 is a representative of the genre of Japanese role-playing games. The game consists in exploring gloomy locations and fighting with encountered opponents. The matches are played in a turn-based system, combining the features of Final Fantasy and Disgaea games. For victories in battles, the player receives experience points, which can then be used to increase the combat skills of the characters.

Technical issues

The production of the Sacnoth studio boasts an atmospheric graphic design with a high level of workmanship. Detailed 3D character models move through prerendered locations, while battles take place in separate three-dimensional arenas. More important plot themes are presented using meticulously crafted intermittent films. The gameplay is accompanied by a gloomy soundtrack emphasizing the mood of the story.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

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