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Leaden Sky (PC cover
Game Box forLeaden Sky (PC)

Leaden Sky PC

Science fiction horror platform action game. In Leaden Sky we play as a soldier trying to destroy the Tower - a structure generating force field creating various anomalies and causing strange mutations in people.

Action | science fiction | platform | horror | 2D | Polish | indie games | side-scroll | shooters

Leaden Sky Release Date PC


developer: Helghast_95 publisher: Helghast_95 Official website

English language game language: English

Leaden Sky is an science fiction horror action platform game. The game was developed by Helghast_95, an independent Polish developer, inspired by such series as Killzone, Resistance, Half-Life, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro.


The main hero of Leaden Sky is Kyle Anderson, a former special forces soldier. The protagonist's task is to destroy the Tower - a mysterious structure belonging to an enigmatic group known as the Mercenaries. The Tower generates a powerful force field, which not only cuts off the entire city from the rest of the world, but also causes various environmental anomalies and bizarre mutations in living beings.


Leaden Sky is a side-scroller. Wandering through the levels and completing the mission objectives, we encounter enemies. Game takes a lot of inspiration from FPSs, so when using firearms we can aim freely and the damage we inflict on enemies depends on where we hit them. In addition, we have to reload the gun by ourselves (if necessary, we can interrupt this activity). When we run out of ammunition or let the enemy too close, we can perform melee attacks. Gameplay has a rather slow pace; as danger can lurk at every turn, and dying here is not difficult, we have to carefully look around, and during shootouts - hide behind cover.

Technical aspects

Leaden Sky was created in GameMaker Studio. It features cartoon graphics in a gloomy style. It was enriched with a number of advanced tools, such as physics simulation and realistic lighting. Smooth character animations are also very appealing. We can listen to the atmospheric soundtrack, which was composed by VIS.

Last updated on 15 October 2021

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Leaden Sky: 18+

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