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Mistborn: Birthright (PC cover
Game Box forMistborn: Birthright (PC)

Mistborn: Birthright

Developed by Little Orbit studio, an action RPG based on a popular series of fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The game is set in a world known as Scadrial, in so-called Last Imperium, ruled by an Imperator possessing divine powers.

RPG | action RPG

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Mistborn: Birthright for PC, PS4 and XONE is a cRPG based on a popular series of fantasy novels Mistborn, written by Brandon Sanderson. The game is developed by an independent studio Little Orbit.


The game is set in a world known as Scadrial, where there’s only one nation: The Last Imperium. For a few hundreds of years, the state is ruled by Imperator, who possesses divine powers. After seizing the power, he divided the society into two groups: the nobility, descendants of people who supported him, and Skaa – a caste of slaves made up from his opponents.

The action of Mistborn: Birthright begins several hundred years before the events described in the books. We assume the role of Fendin “Fiddle” Fathvell – young and arrogant nobleman, who, in order to save his family from annihilation, has to quickly learn to use the newly acquired allomantic powers. Commendably, the game’s story and majority of dialogues were created by Brandon Sanderson, so the script is not only of high quality, but also significantly expands the fans’ knowledge about the universe.


The primary distinguishing feature of this world, compared to other fantasy novels is a very interesting magic system. We won’t find any traditional spells here. Instead of them, the supernatural powers are based on the unusual properties of metals. People who can harness them are called allomants. They swallow the metals, and then “burn” them in their stomachs, achieving various effects. For example, iron pulls in other metals around the user, while the steel pushes them away. Different mixtures give different effects. This way, tin alone only sharpens the senses of the burner, while in conjunction with lead, strengthens his body.

Mistborn: Birthright for PC, PS4 and XONE is an action RPG. During the gameplay, we traverse the extensive locations, conduct dialogues and undertake tasks. Most of the action comes down to spectacular battles, in which the allomantic powers of the main character play the leading role. Along with the progress in the campaign, we accumulate experience points, which then can be spent on the development of abilities.

Last updated on 14 April 2016

Expectations: 9.2 / 10 based on 78 votes.

Age restrictions Mistborn: Birthright: Good for all ages.

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