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Game Box for Moero Chronicle (PC)

Moero Chronicle

Classic Japanese dungeon crawler with turn-based combat system, whose action was set in the world created for the card tactical game Monster Monpiece. Players take on the role of a young hero named Io and embark on a journey to defeat the monsters that threaten the world.

RPG | FPP | fantasy | turn-based | dungeon-crawler | jRPG | erotic games

Moero Chronicle cover

developer: Compile Heart

publisher: Idea Factory

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Game mode: single player

game release date:





Moero Chronicle is a classic dungeon crawler with a turn-based combat system that is set in a fantasy world. The dev of the title is the Japanese studio Compile Heart, and the publisher is Idea Factory - both companies have been specializing in jRPG and visual novels for years. The most popular franchise from the devs is the Hyperdimension Neptune series, which has a total of a dozen or so different installments. Action in Moero Chronicle is set in the same world as the strategic card game Monster Monpiece, originally released in 2013 on the PlayStation Vita handheld.


The story in Moero Chronicle takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by people and monsters resembling young girls. The main character, Io, has huge problems with contacts with women. The only exception to the rule is Lillia, a monster girl who has been friends with him since childhood. However, concerns about the problem with women must be left behind when he gives the task of going to a dangerous region of the world. The monsters inhabiting it fell into a complete frenzy, destroying everything on their way and becoming an increasing threat to the people. The reason for this confusion seems to be the legendary monster girl, whose defeat can prevent further victims.


The game is a classic Japanese dungeon-crawler, whose mechanics are very similar to many other representatives of the genre. The players command a five-person party consisting entirely of monsters girls. In total there are fifty types of potential sisters in arms in the game. The action is observed from first-person perspective, and battles with enemies take place in turn-based mode. We increase the strength of our team members with new equipment, including underwear, which can influence their abilities. With each girl we can also interact, give them gifts and dating, which was presented in short story interludes.

Technical aspects

Audiovisuals of Moero Chronicle do not follow the standards adopted by similar games on PlayStation Vita. The undergrounds explored during the game were made in three dimensions, but all the opponents encountered remain static two-dimensional sprites. Some of the dialogues were dubbed by Japanese actors.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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