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Novastorm (PS1 cover
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Shooting on rails, in which the player sits at the controls of the fighter, and his task is to eliminate the so-called Scarab-X - rebellious machines seeking to destroy humanity.

Action | TPP | science fiction | rail shooter | shooters

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Novastorm is a so-called rail shooter developed by the famous Psygnosis studio. Among other platforms, the game is available on PC and PlayStation 1.


In Novastorm, the action takes place in the distant future, when giant arsenals containing elements of the earth's ecosystem were sent into cosmos, all in order to colonize a planet after finding it is suitable to sustained life. Navigation in interstellar space was entrusted to the Artificial Intelligence, and people went into a state of hibernation to wait for the end of a long journey.

The situation hangs by a thread after computer systems decided to turn against their creators. The player takes on the role of a squadron member of Scavenger 4, who quickly becomes the last hope of mankind; his task is to defeat the forces of the enemy AI, known as Scarab-X, before they manage to bring about a disaster.


In the Novastorm released on the PC and PlayStation 1 the action is observed from a third person perspective (TPP). During the game, players sit at the helm of the fighter and travel through four different environments, in which their task is to eliminate everything that stands in their way. Apart from the serial opponents, players are occasionally bound to encounter more powerful and durable bosses. During the struggle, one cannot control the direction of the fighter's flight, but only manoeuvre vertically and horizontally and evade. In exchange for elimination of adversaries, players receive bronze, silver, and gold chips, which load power-up indicators - their skilful use is often the key to victory.

Technical issues

Novastorm uses FMV technology, which is evident in both cinematic cutscenes and prerendered backgrounds, on which sprites of fighters, missiles, and explosions are superimposed during the clashes.

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Last updated on 03 April 2018

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Novastorm: 12+

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