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Pirates! Gold (PC cover
Game Box forPirates! Gold (PC)

Pirates! Gold PC

Pirates! Gold is an upgraded version of Sida Meier's classic hit, which at the end of the 1980s triumphed on almost all major hardware platforms.

Action | Pirates

Pirates! Gold Release Date PC


developer: MicroProse publisher: MicroProse

English language game language: English

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Pirates! Gold is an upgraded version of Sida Meier's classic hit, which at the end of the 1980s triumphed on almost all major hardware platforms. In the "Golden Edition", MicroProse has invested primarily in improving the audio-visual setting, which would allow a new generation of players to see what their older colleagues used to be excited about.

As in the original, the struggle begins with determining the nationality of our hero (England, Spain, the Netherlands, France), choosing one of his basic skills (swordsmanship, success in women, navigation, cannon fire, medicine) and deciding on the degree of difficulty (four variants). The last, but equally important thing for the course of the game is to choose the historical period in which we will reign at sea. Pirates! Gold offers five scenarios covering the years 1560 to 1680.

The aim of the game is to gather as much wealth as possible by looting enemy ships and plundering cities, obtaining significant titles of nobility (Colonel, Admiral, Marquis or Prince) and also finding a wife. If you feel like it, you can also try to find a legendary treasure and your relatives, scattered all over the Caribbean. Pirates! Gold offers a non-linear character of the game. It is only up to you how you devote your time. You can sail on the sea, attack enemy ships, visit other ports, trade, consult the language in the tavern, hire a crew to service the ships acquired in combat, etc. The MicroProse product is very rich in terms of the possibilities offered to the player, so that two games do not have to and certainly will not be the same.

The only change that Pirates offers! Gold in relation to its famous prototype is a completely new audiovisual setting. Graphically, the program has undergone a real revolution: nice and colourful images have appeared and the images of ships at sea have been tweaked. The fencing screen now has a set of icons to make it easier to strike. As if that wasn't enough to increase the resolution, so that the game retains an interesting appearance even ten years after its release. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, there were a few tasteful backgrounds, well reflecting the spirit of the time.

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Last updated on 10 December 2007

Game mode: single player  

User score: 8,4 / 10 based on 186 votes.

Age restrictions Pirates! Gold: 12+

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