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Game Box for Prototype 2 (PC)

Prototype 2

A sequel to the 2009’s third-person action game developed by Radical Entertainment. Second game introduces a completely new protagonist - soldier James Heller, who lost his wife and child to the raging plague, blaming the main protagonist of the prequel, Alex Mercer.

Action | TPP | sandbox

Prototype 2 cover

publisher: Activision Blizzard

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Game mode: single player

game release date:


X360 PS3



Prototype 2 is a sequel to 2009’s action-adventure game with open world. It has been developed by creators of the original title, Radical Entertainment studio.


Once again, we are taken to Manhattan infested by a plague, this time as a new character – James Heller, who lost his wife and child during plague (which make Zair’s hemorrhagic fever look like a joke). He blames for it the protagonist of the previous game, Alex Mercer, who was once of the few people that gained ability to consciously change their bodies without going insane. Mercer’s actions resulted in the whole New York being swallowed by plague and divided into zones: Green (non-infected), Yellow (partially infected) and Red (areas completely overrun by infected people). At one point, Heller finds Mercer and begins to chase him, only to become infected and gain the same power that former protagonist has.


Prototype 2 for PC, PS3 and X360 introduced new plot and character development systems, and the people from Radical Entertainment studio decided to focus on smoothness and – relatively speaking – realistic gameplay. We won’t find quests that are not connected to main plotline, with even side quests contributing towards progress of the story. At first we follow consequences of a minor event in a zone guarded by Blackwatch (organization responsible for creation of the mentioned virus), but we are dragged into bigger affair as we learn about other malicious deeds of it. As in the first game, our hero gains experience with every task fulfilled, which is used to unlock new powers. Combat – one of the biggest flaws of first Prototype – has been overhauled, resulting in more eye-catching fights, while also giving us better control over what’s happening. There are also new enemies that start appearing as we progress, some of which can catch players off guard.

Technical aspects

In terms of audiovisuals, Prototype 2 for PC, PS3 and X360 is not much different from its predecessor. With that being said, it should be noted that every element – from animations to textures – was enhanced and improved, giving a game quite a good look even on older specifications.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Quad Core 2.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM - Vista/7), graphic card 1 GB (GeForce GTX 460 or better), 10 GB HDD, Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/7

Prototype 2 Game Guide
Prototype 2 Game Guide

game guide 06 August 2012

Prototype 2 game guide includes detailed description of completing all main and side missions in single player campaign.

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