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Action2 Arcade10

Arcade 31 August 2009

A simple arcade game in which we control a hero escaping from an unspecified danger. Players do not control the direction and speed at which they move and can only jump over obstacles they encounter.

Age of Zombies
Age of Zombies

Action 25 February 2010

Two-dimensional shooter with action depicted in isometric projection. Players take on the role of a time traveler and use a wide arsenal of weapons to eliminate the hordes of zombies that will appear in different historical eras thanks to the evil professor Brains.

Who's That Flying?!
Who's That Flying?!

Action 16 November 2010

Who's That Flying! is a comic-style, arcade shump shooter. The player takes on the role of the super-powerful Earth Guardian, and his task is to repel the attacks of the Doom Beasts and clear his name of the charges of incompetence. The title was produced by an independent studio Mediatonic.


Arcade 09 February 2012

Two-dimensional scrolling shooter, in which we control a spacecraft equipped with the ability to teleport to any place. The main task of the players is to save people whose freighters have been damaged by a powerful explosion of a star.

Zombie Tycoon
Zombie Tycoon

Strategy 29 October 2009

Zombie Tycoon is a humorous economic strategy with elements of the action game, allowing players to take on the role of undead ruler and spread the zombie epidemic to the entire Earth. The game was produced and released by a Canadian company Frima Studios as part of the PSPMinis program.


Arcade 28 September 2011

Wizorb is an independent studio game by Tribute Games, combining the features of an arcade and RPG. We play the role of Cyrus, whose task is to save the kingdom of Gorudo from the forces of evil. Jonathan Lavigne, creator of such titles as Ninja Seneca and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, is responsible for Wizorb.

Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims
Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims

Arcade 18 April 2012

A two-dimensional shoot 'em up game in which we control a cloud floating deity, whose task is to protect traveling pilgrims from the demons attacking them.

Flying Hamster
Flying Hamster

Arcade 08 September 2010

An arcade platform game in which we control a nice hamster, produced by Game Atelier studio. As a Newton hamster we set off after the evil Giant Eagle, which kidnapped our beloved. There are many funny enemies waiting for us, which we will have to shoot down. Pleasant graphics, comic sounds and ubiquitous humour make it worth playing this title.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution
BreakQuest: Extra Evolution

Arcade 16 October 2012

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is a two-dimensional arcade and logic game based on the legendary Arcanoid. The title is an extended and modernized version of BreakQuest, with new gameplay elements and graphics.

The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus
The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus

Arcade 02 June 2011

A challenging arcade and logic game in which we control a colorful octopus, trying to save the little ones from various dangers. The main character is able to stick to all possible surfaces and it is this skill that is his basic means to achieve the goal.

Where is my Heart?
Where is my Heart?

Logic 16 November 2011

Friendly and exceptionally ingenious platformer, created by an independent Danish developer. In the game we direct three beings looking for a way out of the forest. Each of the more than twenty levels has been fragmented into staff, which makes orientation and movement difficult. The whole was kept in a frugal, but very pleasant style.

Alien Zombie Death
Alien Zombie Death

Arcade 18 February 2010

Not too complicated shooting, in which we conduct battles with alien two-dimensional environment. We have a total of 14 levels to complete.

Hungry Giraffe
Hungry Giraffe

Arcade 01 February 2012

A simple arcade game in which we play a hungry giraffe, stretching its long neck over the tops of trees. The player's task is to manoeuvre the animal's head so that it can easily swallow the energy-supplying fruit, allowing it to continue to swallow in the forest crowns.


Logic 27 January 2011

A logical arcade game from the minis family by Beatshapers studio. Our task is to create a path for a liquid flowing through the board, which is to flow entirely from point A to point B. The game is characterized by sensational fluid physics, as well as three-dimensional graphics.


Arcade 07 May 2009

Arcade puzzle game by Halfbrick Studios. As a Charlie girl, our task is to get out of the mystical land of dreams, where ghosts and labyrinths will interfere with us. Our heroine has the ability to control time, thanks to which she can protect herself from danger.