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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux (PC cover
Game Box forShadow Warrior Classic Redux (PC)

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

A remastered version of the cult action game from 1997, in which, as Lo Wang, we face hordes of monsters summoned from another dimension by the head of the Zilla Corporation.

Action | FPP | science fiction | FPS | reeditions/remasters/remakes

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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is an action game and FPS hybrid, a refreshed version of the iconic Shadow Warrior from 1997. The game was developed by General Arcade and published by Devolver Digital on PC and mobile devices. In addition to the basic version of the game, the title also includes two major expansions - Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.


Shadow Warrior Classic Redux takes the player to a futuristic Japan, controlled by big corporations. Each of them has shadow warriors at their service, including the main character Lo Wang, who works for Zilla Enterprises. The protagonist discovered that his boss, Master Zilla, is planning to conquer the Land of the Rising Sun with the use of dark forces summoned from another dimension. The warrior leaves his previous employer, who in retaliation sent his demonic allies after him. There's nothing left for Wang but to grab a weapon and face both the evil creatures and Zilla himself.


In Shadow Warrior Classic Redux we observe the action from FPP. The game has been divided into missions, during which we complete levels and fight various enemies - both common cannon fodder and powerful demons playing the role of bosses, characterized above all by much greater endurance than their smaller kinsmen.

The main character, however, is not a novice. In combat he makes perfect use of his fists, katana and shuriken, as well as firearms in the form of two UZI, a modified shotgun, a grenade launcher or even a rocket launcher. In addition, he can also use cut off body parts of his opponents as weapobs, and from time to time also controls vehicles.

Technical aspects

The creators of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux were not tempted to make too many changes compared to the original - the game works in higher resolution, and the musical theme was re-recorded. In addition, the whole things was enriched with a set of achievements.

Game mode: single player  

User score: 6,6 / 10 based on 29 votes.

Age restrictions Shadow Warrior Classic Redux: Good for all ages.

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