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Silent Line: Armored Core (PS2 cover
Game Box forSilent Line: Armored Core (PS2)

Silent Line: Armored Core

A standalone expansion to Armored Core 3 and its direct sequel. Silent Line: Armored Core has us play as a mech pilot investigating a mysterious region, every recon team sent out to which disappears.

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Silent Line: Armored Core Release Date





developer: FromSoftware publisher: Agetec

Silent Line: Armored Core is a standalone expansion to Armored Core 3 and its direct sequel. This tactical shooter was developed by Japanese studio FromSoftware, the owners of the franchise.


Silent Line: Armored Core is set after the events depicted in the third installment of the series. Humanity has started slowly returning to Earth, corporations sending out recon teams in order to investigate the planet. They soon learn one of the planet's regions has turned into a strange anomaly, as anyone who enters it vanishes. The region is therefore named the Silent Line.

We play as a mech pilot sent by Global Cortex, a neutral mercenary organization. Though his initial task is to investigate the Silent Line in search of missing recon teams, he soon discovers an intrigue that could affect the entire world.


Silent Line: Armored Core supports both the third-person perspective (TPP) and, for the first time in the series, the cockpit view (FPP). The player controls a freely modifiable mech. There are hundreds of different components at our disposal, letting us construct a machine meeting our current needs and playstyle.

Missions take place on large open maps. Players face numerous diverse opponents using an extensive roster of weaponry. Completing missions earns us money, which can be spent on upgrading our mech.

Game modes

Silent Line: Armored Core supports singleplayer and multiplayer. The latter works via local network; the PlayStation 2 version also supports split-screen. In addition to the singleplayer campaign there's also an Arena mode, in which we battle enemies while gradually climbing the ranking.

Technical aspects

Compared to Armored Core 3, Silent Line: Armored Core doesn't change much graphics-wise.

Last updated on 25 May 2023

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:  

Age restrictions Silent Line: Armored Core: 12+

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