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Game Box for (iOS)

Co-developed by Steve Howse and Thorntree Studios, an arcade game resembling the popular mobile and browser hit During the game you are in control of a small snake which grows by eating bright points.

Arcade | play for free | network cover

developer: Steve Howse

publisher: Thorntree Studios

Official website

Game mode: multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

game release date:


AND iOS WWW is an arcade MMO game resembling the mobile and browser hit from 2015. The production is free and there is no charge for playing.


Even though is based on the same rules as, it is not just its clone. First of all, during gameplay you are not in control of a small ball which devours other, smaller dots, and becomes bigger. Instead, you assume the role of a small snake eating bright points. Some of them are visible on the map from the beginning and once eaten, they make your snake a bit larger. Eating remains of other snakes bring best results. You cannot, however, simply crawl up another player and bite, as creatures die only if they touch others with their heads. This means that you have to skilfully manoeuvre in order to make other snakes run into you.

This can be achieved in multiple ways. By eating remains of other snakes, you can use a speed-up perk, which gives a chance of surprising an opponent with a quick block of the way. You can also surround smaller players with your body thus make them eventually touch you. Crawling next to bigger snakes and preying on their game is also a good idea. There are loads of such tactics and it depends only on players which approach they will adopt.

The fun is endless as there is no final objective. Still, the game centres on gaining as much points as possible.

Technical aspects is a production with a minimalistic design and simple graphics there are colourful snakes moving around on a dark level and, basically, that is it. The style does not ravish the audience, but in practice it works very well, as it does not distract attention from the action that demands focus.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Android OS

Android OS

Additional information (AND): Internet connection is required  

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

Additional information (iOS): Internet connection is required  

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