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Sparkle Unleashed (PSV cover
Game Box forSparkle Unleashed (PSV)

Sparkle Unleashed

The next installment of arcade logic games. In the opinion of players is to match up colored crystals, whose rope moves on the screen. The title offers a total of more than 108 levels, several gameplay modes and 18 power-ups.

Puzzle | 2D | arcade elements | combine three elements

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developer: 10tons publisher: 10tons Official website

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Sparkle Unleashed is a simple 2D arcade and logic game in which we match colorful crystals. The producer and distributor of the title is 10tons studio, which has been developing applications for mobile devices since 2003. This is the third part of the Sparkle series; the first part made its debut in 2013 and the second part in 2014. Both of them have been released on almost all modern hardware platforms - PC as well as consoles and mobile devices.


The campaign consists of more than 108 levels of increasing difficulty. The rules of the game are clear for people who have encountered similar games at least once - the gameplay in Sparkle Unleashed doesn't differ significantly from what was offered by previous versions of the series. Our circular crystal launcher is the center of the screen there - we control it with an analog stick. A big novelty in Sparkle Unleashed is the ability to directly control the cannon and move it at the bottom of the map. The evil crystals move in a line and head towards one or more holes. If there are three stones of the same color next to each other, they get destroyed. While firing colored stones from the cannon, we have to destroy the entire chain before it falls into the hole. We can do that using 18 different types of power-ups. The title has three modes: campaign, survival and challenge. In the first of them, we go through successive levels. The second tests our dexterity and speed, gradually increasing the level of difficulty during the game. In the last mode, we score points in a limited time. The creators have also introduced several levels of difficulty, which will satisfy even the most ardent fans and veterans of the series.

Technical aspects

Sparkle Unleashed is very simple and hasn't changed in any way compared to the first two versions of the Sparkle series. As before, monotonous graphics are diversified by a variety of backgrounds and special effects accompanying explosions and power-ups.

Last updated on 24 August 2015

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Sparkle Unleashed: Good for all ages.

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