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Game Box for Streets of Rogue (XONE)

Streets of Rogue

A complex roguelike production in which we go to a hard-ruled city and our task is to reach the top floor of the metropolis and overthrow its mayor-tyrant. Streets of Rogue can be played alone or with up to three players.

Action | roguelike | RPG elements | 2D | multiplayer | for 2 people | co-op | splitscreen

Streets of Rogue cover

developer: Matt Dabrowski

publisher: tinyBuild Games

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet / common screen, players: 1-4

game release date:


PC PS4 XONE Switch

Streets of Rogue is an ambitious roguelike production that draws inspiration from such games as Nuclear Throne, Deus Ex and Grand Theft Auto. The title was developed by an independent developer Matt Dabrowski, and was published by tinyBuild.


The action of Streets of Rogue takes place in a modern city, where under the authoritarian rule of the new mayor, lawlessness flourishes. During the game we play as a member of the resistance, whose primary goal is to overthrow the tyrant.

This will not be easy, however, as it requires reaching the very top of a world made up of floors (including slums, an industrial district and a park), where the protagonist must also perform other tasks commissioned by the rebels and city residents. Another thing is that because the metropolis seems to be alive and our actions influence not only the attitude of the inhabitants towards our character, but also the distribution of forces, you have to be constantly on guard to avoid falling behind the skin of the wrong people.


Before the start of the competition in Streets of Rogue we choose the character class that interests us. We have at our disposal, among others, a soldier who uses firearms very well, a bartender whose eloquence allows him to get out of even the biggest troubles or even an intelligent gorilla who makes perfect use of his fists. With time, we unlock new specialties like vampires and zombies. Which character you decide on at the beginning has an impact not only on the skills you use to play the game, but also on the equipment available.

Observing the action from the bird's eye view, we travel through the procedurally generated levels and perform tasks that are the driving force of the game; they involve, among other things, the elimination of specific targets, the release of victims or the search for objects. It is worth remembering that there is more than one way to solve each of them. While there's nothing to stop you from rushing ahead and eliminating anyone who gets in our way, you can always look for alternatives and sneak behind the backs of your opponents, use your diplomatic skills or rely on the help of your allies.

In addition to a wide range of weapons and firearms, on our stand you can find more unusual equipment such as explosives, traps or poisons. In addition, as we progress, we advance to new levels of experience and gain useful drums that increase our capabilities.

Game modes

In Streets of Rogue you can play alone or in the company of up to three players, in local or online cooperation mode.

Technical aspects

Streets of Rogue has colorful, two-dimensional graphics made in pixel art technique.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Minimum: Dual Core, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 460 or better, 320 MB HDD, Windows 7

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