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Game Box forSUPERHOT VR (PS4)


A special edition of the unusual Polish game, SUPERHOT, developed specifically for virtual reality devices and dedicated movement controllers. The game’s most prominent feature (same as in the original) is the fact that in SUPERHOT VR, time flows only when the player moves.

Action | FPP | FPS | indie games | experimental/art | Oculus Rift | shooters | PlayStation VR | virtual reality

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SUPERHOT VR is an incarnation of the unusual first-person shooter first released in 2013 and developed by SUPERHOT Team. This time, we are dealing with a game released for PS4 and PC, which requires virtual reality goggles and dedicated movement controllers to run. The game was released as one of the first games for the Oculus Touch controller.


Much like in the case of the hit original, in SUPERHOT VR time flows only when the player moves – looking around also counts. Thanks to the virtual reality controllers, the player can look around and dodge bullets by moving their head. However – and contrary to the original – the player cannot move freely around the map. Instead, they are teleported to another section of the level after ridding the current section of all enemies.

The main thrust of the game is neutralizing the enemies – they are killed with only one shot or hit, however, the game isn’t easy at all since the player is just as vulnerable. The key to success is meticulous planning of each fight and utilizing the available arsenal the right way. The developers give us firearms (guns and shotguns), as well as very efficient shurikens and other items – nothing prevents the player from throwing knives or ashtrays at the enemies; frying pans scattered across levels can be used as shields. If you don’t have anything useful at hand, you can always throw a punch at the enemy – whatever works.

Technical aspects

SUPERHOT VR for PS4 and PC is characterized by a minimalistic and very legible, 3D graphics. The color scheme is all about the contrast – the environments are white, the enemies and tracers are red and usable items are black. The game is held is surreal and extraordinary stylistics; enemies that have been killed are shattered into miniscule pieces as if they were made of tainted glass.

Game mode: single player  

User score: 9,1 / 10 based on 129 votes.


Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.
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