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The Idolmaster 2 (PS3 cover
Game Box forThe Idolmaster 2 (PS3)

The Idolmaster 2

Second and full-fledged edition of The Idolmaster series. Players take on the role of a beginner producer working in an artistic agency. The hero receives a year to promote a three-person team of teenage idols.

Simulation | Economic | manager | rhythm | music | visual novel

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The Idolmaster 2 (also known as The Idolm@ster 2) is a music manager game with arcade and adventure games elements, which is the second installment of The Idolmaster series. Bandai Namco is responsible for developing the game. After the success of the console edition of the first The Idolmaster in Japan, the devs continued to support the arcade version, while at the same time preparing to develop a full-fledged continuation, this time from scratch, prepared for home platforms. The Idolmaster 2 develops the formula of the series with previously absent solutions and capabilities, which were created both with fans and completely new players in mind.


The players take on the role of a beginner music producer, starting work in an artistic agency 765 Production. The boss instructs him to lead a three-person team of teenage idolls selected by us, who were hired by the company. We have a total of 52 weeks to achieve success. Its determinant is being nominated for the Idol Academy awards and invited to the accompanying festival. Although all the characters from the first installment of the series appear in The Idolmaster 2, the game presents a completely new story unrelated to the original. Among the nine available idols, there are also completely new heroines. In the visual novel segments, we get to know girls better. Our answers to their questions and requests influence the further course of history, as well as relations with the whole team and its achievements on stage.


Starting with The Idolmaster 2 we choose three out of nine available heroines who will be our proteges. The players need to meet the boss's objectives within a total of 52 weeks. (plus three additional weeks of tutorial). Each week is divided into several days, on which we determine the schedule. As in the first installment, the gameplay is divided into several different segments. The players can send girls on lessons, auditions or, after meeting the relevant requirements, organize a concert or event. They can also talk and spend time with one of them.

Skills of the beginning idols are described with three statistics (voice, dance and presentation/charisma). We increase them thanks to the lessons, which were realized in the form of three rhythmic mini-games. The acquired skills are tested during auditions in which we perform a selected song, competing with other music groups. In a similar way, we test ourselves during concerts and various events. Apart from voice, costumes, which influence the skills and presentation of the heroines, also turn out to be important. It is also the task of the player to regularly release subsequent music singles, as well as to organize events promoting them. Successes are rewarded with an increase in the number of fans, who are the determinant of the band's popularity.

Technical aspects

The Idolmaster 2 uses the predecessor graphic engine. However, the devs have introduced a number of new graphic options without sacrificing the cel-shading style, which makes the game similar to anime. As in the first installment, each song was recorded separately by all actresses, so depending on who we choose to join the team we will hear voices corresponding to different heroines.

Last updated on 24 August 2017

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 1 DVD

Age restrictions The Idolmaster 2: Good for all ages.

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