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Game Box for The Trail: Frontier Challenge (PC)

The Trail: Frontier Challenge

The Trail: Frontier Challenge is a survival game developed by Peter Molyneux's studio 22 Cans, creators of Godus and Curiosty. We play as a traveler who, after a long journey, reaches the New World and begins to explore it. Our job is to venture deeper into the land.

Simulation | sandbox | RPG elements | survival | adventure elements | crafting

The Trail: Frontier Challenge cover

developer: 22 Cans Studios

publisher : Kongregate

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

game release date:





The Trail: Frontier Challenge for PC and SWITCH is an expanded version of the survival game The Trail: A Frontier Journey developed by 22 Cans Studios. The company was established by Peter Molyneux, a developer responsible for such game series like Fable, Dungeon Keeper, and Syndicate. The original 2016 game was released on mobile platforms.


We play as one of the pioneers, travelers who reach the New World, a mysterious land based on North America. Our primary goal is to get to the Eden Falls town where we can settle down, take care of its development, and gradually climb the social ladder in order to, one day, become the mayor.


Action in The Trail: Frontier Challenge for PC and SWITCH is presented from a third-person perspective (TPP). As we explore the game’s world (made of scenic valleys, snowy mountain tops, or dry, almost desert-like areas) we not only fight for survival and look for places to camp, but also constantly ‘evolve’ our character. Our hero can choose one of the five available proffesions: lumberjack, cook, tailor, explorer, or hunter. As we progress, our character gains skill points and levels up.

Crafting plays a rather important role in the game. It allows us to create useful items and clothing with the resources whe have. When we finally managed to settle down in Eden Falls, we can also craft furniture for our house. We will also have to be thoughtful when managing our inventory. Unlike in The Trail: A Frontier Journey our backpack has a limited capacity and each object has its own weight, which influences our character’s movement speed.

What is interesting is the fact that we do not have to play alone. We can be acpomanied by a pet companion or other players. We exchange items and trade with them. We can also create communities in order to achieve a specific goal. Our adventures are enriched by special competitions and challenges like races and such.

Technical Aspects

The Trail: Frontier Challenge for PC and SWITCH has minimalistic visuals with cartoonish art-style based on simple, colourful blocks.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

System requirements