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Til Morning's Light (iOS cover
Game Box forTil Morning's Light (iOS)

Til Morning's Light iOS

Til Morning's Light is an action-adventure game developed by the indie studio Way Forward Technologies. We play as Erika Page, a teenager stuck in a cursed mansion. Our job is to find the residence's many secrets and, first and foremost, a way to escape.

Adventure | horror | action adventure

Til Morning's Light Release Date iOS



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developer: WayForward publisher: Amazon Games Official website

English language game language: English

Til Morning’s Light for iOS is an action-adventure game developed by an indie studio Way Foraward Technologies, creators of BloodRayne: Betrayal and Ducktales: Remastered. Initially the game was to be released only the Amazon devices that use Fire OS, but later it was decided to also reales the game on iOS.

The Plot

We play as an average teenage girl named Erica Page, who is stuck in a grim mansion that has been cursed for the last two hundred years. Our job is to find the mansion’s darkest secrest and find our way out. We have to do it before sunrise, or else Erika will become one of the creatures that haunt the residence.


In Til Morning’s Light for iOS we observe the action mostly from the isometric perspective, but it can dynamically change to TPP from time to time. We will have to explore the mansion, solve puzzles and riddles, collect items, and connect many clues to reveal the mystery of our temporary prison.

We will also have to fight with ghosts. To do so, we will use many of the available clubs, knifes, and swords.

Technical Aspects

Til Morning’s Light for iOS has high quality visuals that can compete with those from modern adventure games released on PC.


Even though Til Morning’s Light is a horror game, it is more humorous and satirical than frightening. It is also worth noting that the developers also creatred a special audiobook called The Private Blog of Erica Page that works as a prequel to the game. Stephanie Sheh, an actress that voices Erica, reads that book.

Last updated on 08 June 2015

Game mode: single player  

App size:

Age restrictions Til Morning's Light: 12+

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