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Under The Yoke (PC cover
Game Box forUnder The Yoke (PC)

Under The Yoke PC

A life simulator set in medieval England, with graphics inspired by paintings from that period. Under the Yoke has us control the life of several generations of a peasant family. We lead them to prosperity, deal with feudal obligations and satisfy their needs.

Simulation | the middle ages | farm | RPG elements | 2D | life Simulator | indie games | crafting

Under The Yoke Release Date PC




developer: Priory Games publisher: Priory Games

English language game language: English

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Under The Yoke is a life-sim that allows us to learn about the hardships of being a medieval peasant. The game was developed by a small independent studio Priory Games, whose portfolio also includes projects such as Silk Roads: Caravan Kings, The Great Plague Exodus, Gallantry and Longphort.


Under The Yoke takes us to medieval Norman England, covering the 1085-1335 years. During the game, we lead a peasant family and our task is to lead subsequent generations in the pursuit of prosperity, which lasts 250 years. The road to success is long, however, as we start very poor, in a crumbling house, with a piece of land and supplies that will only last for the upcoming winter.


In Under The Yoke we take control of characters described by three main features. Mind, Body and Spirit are statistics that determine their personality, influence relationships with others, and also give us access to certain options. In addition, each character has individual needs related to food, rest, faith and social relationships.

Our characters also have duties that they must perform every day. The protagonists can pursue different professions, such as agriculture, herbalism, cooking, animal breeding, carpentry or tailoring. By performing tasks associated with them, our peasants improve their skills, over time becoming increasingly specialized in their profession.

Thanks to this, they not only gain means to live, but can also improve quality of life, for example by independently producing new furniture. In addition, by diligently working out their serfdom, they make their way to freedom, after which they can enjoy broader civil rights, including the ability to bake bread or hunt in the forests.

The rhythm of life in a medieval village is determined not only by the seasons, but also by various events (including historical ones). Particular attention should be paid to the so-called Hallmote, which is an annual gathering of residents, where they resolve local legal disputes and also elect officials. Although nothing prevents our family members from limiting their participation in these meetings, they may also be called upon to perform duties and hold important positions.

We should not forget that feudal dues (and dependencies) constantly weigh on us. They set the conditions on which our relationship with the Lord standing above us will be based. Conversations can also concern issues such as obtaining a larger house or a bigger piece of land.

Technical aspects

The graphic design of the game Under The Yoke is maintained in a style inspired by medieval paintings. It consists of static two-dimensional illustrations presenting locations and characters, as well as interface elements, such as character portraits or information screens with various statistics.

Last updated on 28 March 2024

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Under The Yoke: Good for all ages.

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