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Game Box for Vandal Hearts II (PS1)

Vandal Hearts II PS1

Introducing numerous changes in the fun system and offering improved audio-visual setting continuation of the turn-based Japanese RPG. The production of Konami once again tells a difficult, moving political story.

RPG | turn-based | jRPG

Sony PlayStation 1
Vandal Hearts II cover

developer: Konami

publisher: Konami

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


A continuation of the tactical Japanese RPG with a better audio-visual setting and a fun system that introduces numerous innovations. The authors of Konami have prepared another story based on political themes, which players can learn by participating in dozens of battles.


A civil war is going on in Natra. Two fighting camps have been trying for years to seize power in the country. Joshua has been observing the deteriorating situation of the inhabitants from an early age. When he grows up, he and his friends form a group of bandits who live outside the law. By coincidence, they gain a chance to bring about the peace awaited by their compatriots.

The history prepared by Konami has many endings. The finale of the game is influenced by a few moments during the game, when the main character faces a difficult choice.


Vandal Hearts II is based on assumptions well known from similar tactical Japanese RPGs, but also brings a number of novelties. As in the first installment of the series, the exploration of the world takes place by selecting the next points on the map, to which the directed team is to go. During battles, the action is transferred to the arena divided into square fields, shown in isometric projection. The clashes are carried out in turn-based system - in each move the player can move the character by a fixed number of fields and choose one of the commands. What is new is the fact that at the same time as the character from the player's team, one of the members of the enemy team moves and attacks at the same time. This introduces, on the one hand, an element of randomness and, on the other hand, forces the planning of actions in advance.

The creators resigned from the system of classes present in the first installment. In return, they allowed their characters to be freely shaped. They now learn new skills through the use of different types of equipment. It also influences their statistics, defines types of attacks and access to spells.

Technical issues

Vandal Hearts II on PS1 features much more detailed 2D graphics. Character models and aren designs arenas consist of more details and are better animated. The title once again touches upon difficult topics and does not avoid brutality, illustrating the effects of the war in an exemplary way.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

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