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Fighting1 RPG2
Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 2

Racing 30 September 2014

A sequel to the bestselling racing game that was a spin-off to the flagship series of racing games developed for Xbox consoles. The title was developed by the creators of the previous entry: Playground Games (Xbox One version) and by Sumo Digital (Xbox 360 version). The new installment takes place in Southern Europe where another Horizon festival takes place. The festival is filled with good music and variety of racing challenges. Similarly as its predecessor, the title offers a large, open world where hundreds of licensed cars await the player. Similarly as the first entry in the spin-off series, the game offers a driving model that is slightly simplified in comparison to Forza Motorsport Ė it focuses mostly on making the races impressively looking. For the first time in the series the developers implemented a dynamically changing weather system which adds some realism to the races. The developers also added the Drivatars system known from Forza Motorsport 5, enabling the virtual drivers to gain experience even if they donít participate in the game.

Fable Anniversary
Fable Anniversary

RPG 04 February 2014

A refreshed version of the legendary RPG by Peter Molyneux, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Fable game. The remake is based on the expanded version called Fable: The Lost Chapters which debuted in 2005. Developers from Lionhead focused mostly on improving the graphics to fit modern HD standards and introducing many improvements of the gameplay mechanics. The player takes the role of a small boy who witnesses the death of his closest ones during a bandit raid on his family village. Adopted by a member of the legendary Hero Guild, he trains and becomes stronger in order to have his revenge on the bandits. During the game the protagonist changes from a small, helpless boy into a true hero. In addition to the main plot, the developers also created many side quests and various additional activities that are gradually unraveled as the player progress in the game. The protagonist can act in good or bad way and his actions will impact the attitude of non-playable characters towards him.

Forza Horizon
Forza Horizon

Racing 23 October 2012

A spin-off to the popular series of car simulation games Forza Motorsport. The title was developed by Playground Games in cooperation with the development teams from Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. The game takes place on the roads of Colorado State during the titular music festival. In contrast to the main installments of the series, the spin-off gives the player much greater freedom when it comes to the exploration of the world and selecting challenges to complete. During the game it is not only important to reach the finish line before the rivals, but to drive impressively as well. The player can select from around 300 models of vehicles of various classes (from sports cars through pick-ups to roadsters) that can be additionally tuned.

Dance Central 3
Dance Central 3

Party 16 October 2012

The third part of the dance series on Kinecta. This time the creators decided to send players on a musical journey through different decades. The game uses songs by artists such as Usher or 50 Cent. A special novelty is the eight-person event mode.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Party 11 October 2011

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is a family game created for the youngest players by Double Fine Productions studio. The main characters are Elmo and the Cooky Monster, who are trying to ensure a positive ending to a book about monsters borrowed from the library. In the game, which is a collection of addictive mini-games, a whole plethora of characters known to fans of Sesame Street appears.

Ascend: Hand of Kul
Ascend: Hand of Kul

RPG 25 September 2013

Ascend: New Gods is an action-RPG game whose action has been set in the reality of fantasy. According to an ancient prophecy in the world of Ascend, the reign of the Titans came to an end. However, each of the three new gods wants to take over power. The player directs the hero's actions in the service of one of the disputed deities. The title was produced by Signal Studios development team.

Killer Instinct Classic
Killer Instinct Classic

Fighting 22 November 2013

Re-edition of Rare's classic brawl, which debuted in 1994 on arcade vending machines. In the game we take part in the title martial arts tournament, organized by the powerful corporation Ultratech. Apart from the most famous and courageous warriors from all over the world, there are also creatures artificially created by Ultratech, for whom this is a test of combat skills.