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Genshin Impact Guide

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Genshin Impact: Hidden achievements list Genshin Impact guide, tips

Last update: 21 October 2020

On this page of the guide to Genshin Impact, you will learn about hidden achievements in the game, for which you will receive Primogems, i.e. premium currency and name cards.

In Genshin Impact, you can find and unlock achievements that translate into in-game rewards, for example, Primogems, which are a Premium currency - Genshin Impact: Hidden achievements list - Appendix - Genshin Impact Guide

In Genshin Impact, you can find and unlock achievements that translate into in-game rewards, for example, Primogems, which are a Premium currency. In addition, when all achievements in a given category are unlocked, you will receive a name card, which you can activate in your profile. The game also features hidden achievements that only appear when you complete them. Without knowing they exist, they are hard to complete, which is why a list has been created to make it easier for you to complete these achievements.

  1. The End of the Beginning - 20 Primogems - Complete the Mondstadt Archon Quests.
  2. Bon Appétit - 10 Primogems - Have 4 Party members in the Full state at the same time.
  3. Gold Experience Requiem - 10 Primogems - Defeat a Stonehide Lawachurl before its Infused Form can expire.
  4. It's the Same as Having Wings - 10 Primogems - Glide continously for 80 seconds.
  5. Run, Melos! - 10 Primogems - Sprint continuously for over 15s.
  6. Golden Gliding License - 10 Primogems - Glide for about 1.5 minutes without a break.
  7. "That's one Big Crystalfly" - 10 Primogems - Absorb all of an Anemo Hypostasis' Wind Crystals before it can be revived.
  8. The PRISM Program - 10 Primogems - Break all of an Electro Hypostasis' Revival Prisms before it can be revived.
  9. Fallout Three - 10 Primogems - Crush all of a Geo Hypostasis' Rock Pillars of Revival before it can be revived.
  10. The Outlander who Caught the Wind - 10 Primogems - complete "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind".
  11. Of the Land Amidst Monoliths - 10 Primogems - complete "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths".
  12. Song of the Dragon and Freedom - 10 Primogems - complete "Song of the Dragon and Freedom".
  13. Farewell, the Archaic Lord - 10 Primogems - complete "Farewell, the Archaic Lord".
  14. For a Tomorrow Without Fears - 10 Primogems - complete "For a Tomorrow Without Fears".
  15. Trough Pass - 5 Primogems - Knock a Pyro Slime out of the hands of a Hilichurl Grenadier.
  16. Dolorous Stroke - 5 Primogems - Defeat an enemy by shattering the ice they are trapped in.
  17. Purveyor of Punishment - 5 Primogems - Deal over 5,000 / 20,000 / 50,000 CRIT DMG.
  18. ...Or a New Storm? - 5 Primogems - banish the dragon attacking Mondstadt.
  19. Knighthood Excelence - 5 Primogems - Become an Honorary Knight of Favonius.
  20. Knights and their Knotty Issues - 5 Primogems - Don't borrow the Holy Relic... but learn more about the Knights' Dilemma.
  21. Winds Change Their Course - 5 Primogems - be rescued by Dvalin.
  22. Outlandish Behaviour - 5 Primogems - be rescued by an outsider "in a tourist spot that locals don't go to."
  23. Silly-Billy Churlish Ghoul-5 Primogems - agree to play with Dusky Ming.
  24. That Smells Divine - 5 Primogems - Figure out which perfume Rex Lapis is fond of.
  25. It's Bigger on the Inside - 5 Primogems - Clean Madame Pings' teapot.
  26. Tacked, Tacked, and Towed - 5 Primogems - Commission others to finish your work, unfettered by such things as Mora.
  27. Respecting Cultural Heritage - 5 Primogems- You failed to find the Cocogoat... but manage to repair a mechanism. 
  28. The Bigger They Are... - 5 Primogems - Paralyze a Ruin Guard by attacking its weak point.
  29. Boared to Death - 5 Primogems - Be defeated by a wild boar.
  30. "If you put your heart into it..."- 5 Primogems - Cook 1 "special"- tasting dish.
  31. "...anyone can be a gourmet."- 5 Primogems- Cook 10 "special"- tasting dishes.
  32. Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula - 5 Primogems - Follow the Seelie and light the torches to unlock the entrance to a Domain in Wuwang Hill
  33. Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula - 5 Primogems - Follow in the footsteps of immortals and unlock the Domain's door
  34. Cecilia Garden - 5 Primogems - Return the Seelie to their rightful places and unlock the entrance to a Domain in Wolvendom.
  35. The Best Sword in The Cemetery - 5 Primogems - Unlock the Tri-Seal of the Sword Cemetery.
  36. Beloved of The Anemo Archon - 5 Primogems - Take a seat in the hands of the God Statue in Mondstadt.
  37. Initiating Warp Drive! - 5 Primogems - Pass through the time tunnel in the skies of Cape Oath
  38. Unswerving - 5 Primogems - Open the chest in the middle of the heart-shaped rock formation.
  39. "Seeds of Stories, Brought by the Wind..." - 5 Primogems - Reach the nameless island northeast of Mondstadt.
  40. The Remains of the Gale - 5 Primogems - Reach the top of the tower in Stormterror's Lair.
  41. Overlook View - 5 Primogems - Reach the very top of Qingyun Peak.
  42. Get Your Own Emergency Food! - 5 Primogems - Consume the food during "Food Delivery"...?
  43. Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade, For That Is Where the Home is Made - 5 Primogems - Witness the story of Yuanhong's household.
  44. Ready Player Zero - 5 Primogems - Play a simple game with Childish Jiang.
  45. Shadow Over Luhua Pool - 5 Primogems - Help Vermeer get the scenery of his dreams.
  46. Scourge of the Battlefield - 5 Primogems - Fetch a good price for a treasure found in an Ancient Ruin... 
  47. Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi - 5 Primogems - Learn about the tale of the Chi.
  48. Interview with a Bygone God - 5 Primogems - Hear the story of a Bygone Deity.
  49. Nothing to Lose But Time - 5 Primogems - Unlock the secrets of the two sundials. 
  50. Making Do - 5 Primogems - Only bring materials for a Training Dummy to Herman.
  51. Taking Responsibility for Your Actions - 5 Primogems - Apologize to Timmie.
  52. Poet Vs. Paycheck - 5 Primogems - Complete "So-called Work" and receive Linling's Poetry Anthology.
  53. Rexit - 5 Primogems - Prepare everything necessary for the Rite of Parting.
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