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Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Guide

That Other Zelda Genshin Impact Guide contains best tips, beginner's guide, system requirements, coop and currency tips. Find out if there is crossplay and how to choose a server.

Last update: 05 March 2024

Genshin Impact is a third-person action RPG with an open world, focused on exploration and combat, which uses the combination of elements. The game was developed by MiHoYo, a Chinese studio.

Genshin Impact: Guide content

Genshin Impact guide includes a complete set of information about the MiHoYo production. Genshin Impact is a dynamic action game with a vast and open world. Using the tips included in our guide, you will learn how best to start your adventure and what mistakes not to make in Genshin Impact.

The guide is divided into several chapters. The first of them explains the basics of the game. You will read, e.g. about the most important starting tips and advanced tips. You will also learn about the available in-game currencies, character development, adventure ranks and spiral abyss.

An important part of the guide is the extensive chapter dedicated to answers to the most frequently asked questions, i.e. FAQ. You will find here, among other things, information about how to choose a server, how to unlock co-op mode, how to earn reputation or where to find dandelion seeds. You'll also find out how to farm adventure ranks and what is condensed resin.

The next chapter of the guide includes, among other things, an overview of battles with the main bosses in the game. Boss battles have been described so that each player, both casual and more advanced, can learn something useful and make it easier to fight with these powerful opponents.

Builds take up a large portion of the guide. There are many combinations that can utilize the character's greatest potential. They were grouped and sorted according to the element they contain. You will find there general information about the characters, what builds are best for them, you will read about from what constellations level a character is worth investing in, and in what order to improve skills.

The last chapter of our guide is an appendix with information about system requirements, both minimum and recommended. You will also learn about the controls and hidden achievements, for which you will receive primogems.

Genshin Impact: Tips and tricks

Here are some tips for those who want to start their adventure with Genshin Impact.

  1. If you have the opportunity to upgrade the character you plan on investing in, do so immediately. Levels progress slowly, unless you have items that give you a lot of experience. Use them to level up both your character and your party.
  2. All the elements are connected with each other. Use them to create devastating combos. Remember that possessing the same elements in the team strengthens its effect.
  3. Mix business with pleasure, don't just focus on doing quests or exploring. Try to combine these two things in order to continue to progress and discover interesting places in Genshin Impact.
  4. Mark interesting places with pings on the map. You have a lot of them to use, and there will probably be a time when you want to go back to a particular location.
  5. Choose x10. When making Wishes, choose only this option. By choosing it, you will be guaranteed to get something more powerful.

You will find more hints for Genshin Impact on the separate Beginner's guide page.

Genshin Impact: Basics

  1. Advanced Guide - on this page, you will find advanced tips for the game.
  2. Characters tier list - on this page, you will read about a kind of ranking of the characters found in the game.
  3. Currency - learn about all available currencies in the game, in addition, you will read about what you can buy for them and how to get them.
  4. Original Resin - on this page, you will learn about what Original Resin is, how to get it and how often it is renewed.
  5. Expeditions - on this page, you will find out what expeditions are, how to unlock them and which characters are best to send on them.
  6. Adventure Rank - On this page, you will learn about the term Adventure Rank, how to improve it and what this process involves.
  7. Spiral Abyss - On this page, you will read about Spiral Abyss, what it is and what are its special rules.
  8. Shrines of Depths - On this page, you will learn about Shrines of Depths, what they look like and what you need to do to open them.
  9. Elements - On this page, you will learn about all the elements present in the game and their combinations.
  10. Cooking - Here you will read about how to cook and what cooking dishes can give you.
  11. Character progression - On this page, you will learn about various ways to improve your characters in the game.

Genshin Impact: FAQ

The FAQ chapter of our game guide will help you to find the answers to the most burning questions about Genshin Impact and the game mechanics.

  1. Server - how to choose? - on this page, you will find information about whether it is possible to select a server, and if so, how and on what platform.
  2. Crossplay - is it possible? - on this page, you will find out whether Genshin Impact has crossplay, and if so, with which platforms.
  3. Co-op - how to unlock? - On this page you will learn if there is a cooperation mode and how to unlock it.
  4. Chests - do they renew? - On this page, you will find out if chests can reappear in the game world, and what types of chests are in the game.
  5. Tri-seal - how to unlock? - Here you will learn how to perform the task associated with Tri-seal.
  6. Mora Chest - where to find? - This page has information on where to find the chest, which offers 200 thousand Mora.
  7. Adventure Rank - how to farm? - Read about what activities in Genshin Impact will allow you to quickly gain a satisfying AR level.
  8. Condensed Resin - what's this? - On this page, you will find out what is Condensed Resin, how to create it and whether is it worth using.
  9. Reputation - how to obtain it? - On this page, you will learn how to earn reputation in a particular region and what it gives you.
  10. Gadgets - what are they? - On this page, you will find out what gadgets are and what they are used for.
  11. Frostbearing Tree - what is it used for? - On this page, you will read about what it is and where to find the Frostbearing Tree, the page also has information about what it is used for.
  12. House System - what is it? - On this page, you will learn how to get access to the House System, what it is and what you can do there.
  13. Dandelion Seed - where to find? - On this page, you will learn about where to find Dandelion Seed and how to get it.
  14. Hangout Event - how to unlock? - On this page, you will read about how to unlock access to Hangout Event in the game.

Genshin Impact: Events

The following pages of the Genshin Impact guide contain information about individual events that have occurred or are occurring in the game.

  1. Summertime Odyssey - an event that occurred on July 15, 2022. It is a 40-day event that involves completing challenges and missions on an archipelago created specifically for this purpose.

Genshin Impact: Bosses

The following pages of the guide to Genshin Impact contain tips on defeating the main bosses.

  1. Stormterror Dvalin - On this page, you will find tips on how to fight Stormterror Dvalin.
  2. Andrius, Wolf of the North - On this page, you will read how to defeat the second main boss, Andrius.
  3. Childe - On this page, you will learn about Childe's location and how to defeat him easily.

Genshin Impact: All character builds

The following pages of the guide to Genshin Impact contain information about the best builds for each character. They were grouped and sorted according to their main element.


  1. Amber - a character that doeas well as a physical DPS and Support, however, he does poorly when compared to other characters.
  2. Bennet - she can be played as a Support in a lot of ways, plus she is brilliant for this role, making her one of the best characters.
  3. Diluc - this character should mainly focus on fire damage.
  4. Hu Tao - try to build additional ATK on her or strengthen her Pyro DMG.
  5. Klee - her main task is to inflict damage to a large group of opponents.
  6. Thoma - a character that can be built as a Sub DPS or as a Support that gives you shields scalable with his HP.
  7. Xiangling - can be built both for damage and for frequent use of Elemental Burst to incinerate a large number of enemies.
  8. Xinyan - the perfect choice for supporting characters who focus on physical damage.
  9. Yanfei - a character who deals high fire damage by gaining stacks and then releasing them with charged attacks.
  10. Yoimiya - deals mostly fire damage and is one of the best DPS in the game.


  1. Beidou - a character whose main goal is to inflict electrical damage by successfully parrying attacks, which can be done with Elemental Skill.
  2. Fischl - can be a Sub DPS using a bow, or Electro Support, applying electricity to opponents with Oz.
  3. Keqing - the main role is to inflict damage, both physical and electrical.
  4. Lisa - a character who works well as a Electro Sub DPS.
  5. Raiden Shogun - can be built as a DPS for Elemental Burst and as Electro Support, strengthening the interaction with other elements.
  6. Razor - a character whose main purpose is to inflict damage, usually physical, rather than electrical.
  7. Sara - this character works best as an Electro Support.
  8. Traveler - focuses on using Elemental Burst as often as possible to support companions.


  1. Barbara - her main purpose is to heal other characters using her attacks and Elemental Burst.
  2. Childe - focuses mainly on Hydro attacks and his Elemental Burst.
  3. Kokomi - focuses mainly on healing other characters on the battlefield.
  4. Mona - can be built as a DPS or as a Support that uses Elemental Burst, increasing damage to other characters.
  5. Xingqiu - one of the best characters in terms of supporting others.
  6. Ayato - a character whose main task is to inflict Hydro damage.
  7. Yelan - he's a very good Sub DPS due to his powerful Elemental Burst.


  1. Jean - he can be both a good healer and a DPS.
  2. Kazuha - a character that works perfectly as a Sub DPS, making very great use of combining reactions.
  3. Sayu - suitable as a healing Support that combines many combinations of elements.
  4. Sucrose - a character that specializes in creating elements reactions that combine with her Swirl effect.
  5. Xiao - focuses on inflicting damage, can strengthen it with Elemental Burst, while plunging attacks. However, he loses health while doing so.
  6. Venti - a support character that can also become a Sub DPS. He creates Swirl reactions and can stop large groups of opponents in one place using a hurricane.


  1. Ayaka - DPS that deals mainly Cryo damage, which allows him to freeze enemy units very quickly.
  2. Chongyun - a support character that often applies Cryo to nearby enemies, which facilitates elemental reactions.
  3. Diona - a support character assisting others with healing and shields. Moreover, she easily applies Cryo to enemy units.
  4. Eula - a character whose main task is to inflict physical damage.
  5. Ganyu - specializes in dealing very high damage to large groups of enemies thanks to a big area of effect of Elemental Burst.
  6. Kaeya - easily applies Cryo to enemies due to frequent use of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Genshin Impact: Minimum PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: GeForce GT 1030 2 GB or better
  4. Disk space: 30 GB
  5. Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10

You will find more information about Genshin Impact system requirements in a separate chapter of our game guide: PC system requirements.

Genshin Impact: Language versions

You can now choose from traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai. In addition, you can change the audio language to Chinese, Japanese, Korean or English.

About Genshin Impact Guide

Author : Dawid "DavideLi" Lubczynski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Genshin Impact Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: MiHoYo
  • publisher: MiHoYo
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, AND, iOS, Switch

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