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Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough by

Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough

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Ghost of Tsushima: Game length - how long to beat? Ghost of Tsushima guide, walkthrough

Last update: 16 July 2020

On this page of our guide you can find out how much time you need to complete Ghost of Tsushima. We have prepared information on the average time required to complete the game, how quickly you can finish the main story, and how much time you need to explore the map in 100%, complete all optional content and earn the platinum trophy.

1 - Ghost of Tsushima: Game length - how long to beat? - Appendix - Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough
  1. Your first playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima should take about 30-40 hours. This value assumes that in addition to the main quests, you will do some side quests and additional activities. Many of these activities are important. Completing them can help you level up or improve the hero's equipment. This is helpful in completing tasks, fighting bosses and other stronger opponents.
  2. The main storyline isn't very long. If you focus heavily on it and don't play on the high difficulty level, you will be able to complete it in about 20 hours. It is worth noting that the game doesn't block the access to new main quests, even if they can be much harder to complete for an under-equipped hero.
  3. Finishing all side quests and completing all question marks on the map will extend the total play time to around 50 hours. The game's side missions aren't usually extensive (the exceptions are the so-called Mythic Tales), although there is quite a lot of them. When it comes to exploring the map, you will spend the most of your time on liberating the locations controlled by the Mongols. There are 56 of these locations. You can also spend some time on reaching Shinto shrines - each one is a few minutes climb.
  4. The platinum trophy in Ghost of Tsushima isn't hard to obtain. You fulfill most of its requirements by doing the activities described above, i.e. completing quests and visiting all question marks on the Tsushima's map. The platinum trophy doesn't require you to beat the game on any specific difficulty level. You also don't need to get 100% of collectibles.
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