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Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough by

Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough

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Ghost of Tsushima: Best starting skills, abilities Ghost of Tsushima guide, walkthrough

Last update: 21 May 2024

On this page of our game guide to Ghost of Tsushima you can find a list of the most useful starting skills which are worth unlocking in the first hours of gameplay. Having these recommended abilities will allow you to use new types of attacks, or just make your character stronger.

For the record, skills can be bought by using the technique points - Ghost of Tsushima: Best starting skills, abilities - Basics - Ghost of Tsushima Guide, Walkthrough

For the record, skills can be bought by using the technique points. These are simply skill points, which are awarded for advancing Jin to higher levels of experience. Technique points can also be rewarded for completing particular quests or for recapturing larger locations occupied by Mongols. A single skill may require 1 or 2 technique points.

Here is a list of recommended starting skills which are worth buying:



Perfect Parry

That's the most important skill in the game. Perfect Parry can be activated by pressing the L1 button just before the enemy attack reaches Jin. If it succeeds, you will be able to make a strong counterattack that cannot be blocked by the enemy.

Unyielding Sword Parry

This skill allows you to parry the blue attacks made with Mongol swords. This is becoming a major issue quite quickly, as many Mongols rely on red and blue attacks. Without this ability, you would have to avoid blue attacks.

Unyielding Spear Parry

This is a similar skill to the aforementioned, but in this case you get an ability to parry blue attacks of spear-wielding enemies. You'll start coming across enemies using spears a bit later in the game and they pose a high threat to the hero that doesn't have this ability.


This is another important starting skill that allows Jin to roll on the ground instead of performing a standard dodge. This is helpful when fighting opponents that use larger weapons and launch several combo attacks. Roll reduces the risk of being hit.

Perfect Dodge

This skill is similar to perfect parry, but in this case it consists in pressing the Circle button at the last moment. If you succeed, in addition to a successful dodge, you will be able to lead a strong and unstoppable counterattack.

Iron will

It's an important skill in terms of keeping your hero alive. You can consume 2 resolve points after receiving fatal injuries. The hero will not die after using this ability. Instead, you will be able to run away and heal your character.

Standoff Streak / Improved Standoff Streak

Buy both of these skills if you want to use Standoff more effectively. Each of these abilities will allow you to kill 1 enemy more in a single standoff.

Safe Landing

This can be a helpful skill if you explore the game world a lot. By pushing the Circle button during a jump you may not receive any fall damage. It only works in case of low-height jumps.

Chain Assassination / Chain Assassination Master

This is an excellent skill that allows you to eliminate opponents by using stealth attacks. By pressing the Triangle button instead of the Square button, you can kill 2 or 3 enemies standing close to each other. You will be able to use this option very often.


Purchase this ability after unlocking wind chimes, as firecrackers are a whole new category of gadgets. As a result, you will have two different types of gadgets to distract your opponents.

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