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Hades Guide

Hades Guide

The end is just the beginning The Hades game guide offers the best tips and tricks to help you get to the very top of the Olympus. We describe skills, weapons, rewards and gifts, as well as the most effective ways of fighting bosses.

Last update: 29 September 2020

Our guide to Hades contains the most important info, tips and advice regarding this title from Supergiant Games. Primarily, it's an accessible guide for beginners - here, you can find tips for starting the game, tricks which should help you die less frequently in your continuous runs, explanations how to plan your playthrough, how to upgrade Zagreus and his weapons, how to obtain different currencies and what to do after taking damage. The knowledge you'll obtain should make your starting hours with the game easier and help you avoid mistakes.

An important part of the guide are descriptions of all areas in the game, info on how to reach them, on the threats and unique features awaiting our hero inside of them. In a separate chapter of the guide you'll find descriptions of all main boss fights - you'll learn where the bosses' lairs are located, who can be encountered in the underworld, the moveset of each boss and the tactics recommended to defeat them.

Another important chapter covers weapons, in which you'll learn everything about the available gear. We've listed how to unlock new weaponry, the weapons' main attributes as well as how to use them properly in combat. The guide also includes chapters about boons and upgrades - they talk about gifts you can receive from gods, keepsakes and items which increase weapons' stats.

The guide also contains an FAQ section with answers to most frequently asked questions. It explains, e.g. how to save the game, how to close the game safely, what kind of progress carries onto your subsequent runs, how to unlock fishing, how to reach Chaos, what do the symbols on the doors mean and how to handle traps.

Additional pages supplement the main chapters of the guide. Those include the trophy guide, as well as pages regarding the controls, PC system requirements for Hades as well as predicted playthrough length.

Hades: Quick starting tips

  1. Zagreus is an easy target when standing still. You should constantly keep moving, regardless of the weapon you're currently using.
  2. The symbols on the doors inform you of the next chamber. You can use this knowledge to only visit chambers offering items you need and to avoid the ones that are too dangerous at the moment.
  3. Death is an integral part of the game. You should of course try to get as far as you can and get many treasures in each run, but don't be too upset when you die. The more time you spend with the game, the better you'll get.
  4. Unlock all weapons as soon as possible. This will let you start getting the feel for them quickly, helping you decide which weapon fits your playstyle the most.
  5. Don't hope you'll easily replenish lost health points. For the majority of the game, taking wounds is a big problem that brings you closer to death. Plan every single attack and move to minimise the risk of taking damage.
  6. Always interact with all objects and characters in the House of Hades. The most important interactions are the House Contractor, the Mirror of Night and the Keepsake display. They'll allow you to spend your hard earned resources and prepare to your next run.

For more tips and tricks, as well as more detailed versions of the tips above, visit the Starting tips page.

Hades: Realms / biomes

In Hades you can go through four main realms, each of which is described in detail on a separate page of the guide. Additionally you'll learn how to reach the secret realm of Chaos, as well as read some useful tips which should increase your chance of a successful run.

  1. The structure of the underworld
  2. Beating the game - practical tips
  3. Tartarus
  4. Asphodel
  5. Elysium
  6. Temple Of Styx
  7. Secret Chaos realm - how to unlock?

Hades: Bosses

The boss fights in Hades will be responsible for most of your deaths. We've prepared detailed descriptions of boss fights which will teach you how to correctly react to their attacks and how to fight them.

  1. Megaera, Alecto and Tisiphone
  2. The Lernean Hydra
  3. Theseus and Asterion
  4. Final boss

Hades: Game guide

In the Basics chapter you'll find the most important info about the game and its basic elements. This knowledge could be useful to you during your first hours with the game, as they're mostly spent on learning the base mechanics.

  1. Basic info about the game
  2. Currencies (Darkness, gold, gemstones and others)
  3. God mode (the equivalent of a lower difficulty level)
  4. Rewards for killing bosses
  5. Combat
  6. House of Hades

Hades: FAQ

In the FAQ we've included the answers to many complex or unclear problems regarding e.g. beating and resetting runs, combat encounters, temporary and permanent character upgrades.

  1. Wounds - how to heal? - We explain how to regain lost HP and how to obtain more maximum health.
  2. Saving the game - is it possible? - We answer can you save the game manually and when does the autosave trigger.
  3. Closing the game - do we lose progress? - We explain how to close Hades without losing your progress on the current run.
  4. Death - how to avoid? - We explain how to reduce the risk of death and how to resurrect after dying.
  5. Tartarus - do you need to repeat it? - We answer whether going through the first realm of the game is always required.
  6. Progress - what gets carried forward? - We explain what kind of progress can be kept after death and used in subsequent runs.
  7. Fishing - how to unlock? We explain how to unlock fishing and what to do what the caught fish.
  8. Symbols on the doors - what do they mean? - We explain the meaning of the door symbols and which ones are the most important.
  9. Bloodstones - how to get more? - We explain how to obtain more bloodstones used for ranged attacks.
  10. Armored enemies - how to break armor? - We explain how to recognise armored enemies and how to break their armor.
  11. Infernal Troves - how to obtain? - We explain what the Infernal Troves are, how to find them and what they reward you with.
  12. Firearms - are they in the game? - We explain whether it's possible to use firearms for ranged attacks.
  13. Traps - can you disarm? - We explain what kind of traps appear in the game and how to avoid them.
  14. Poison - how to cure it? - We explain what to do if Zagreus is poisoned.

Hades: Weapons

Getting familiarised with all the weapons available in Hades is a key step to victory. All of the main weapons are described in detail on the following pages.

  1. Weapons list - On this page you'll additionally learn basic info about unlocking, using and upgrading your weapons.
  2. Stygian Blade
  3. Heart-Seeking Bow
  4. Shield Of Chaos
  5. Eternal Spear
  6. Twin Fists
  7. Adamant Rail

Hades: Game length

Hades is a roguelike RPG, so it's difficult to accurately state how long it will take you to finish it - Hades Guide

Hades is a roguelike RPG, so it's difficult to accurately state how long it will take you to finish it. Much depends on your luck, skill and playstyle. You can assume that beating the game for the first time should take around 20 hours. The fun doesn't stop there, as if you want to 100% complete Hades (i.e. discovering all available content) you'll need to spend around 100 hours.

More info about game length can be found in a separate chapter of our guide.

Hades: PC system requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz
  2. RAM: 4 GB
  3. Graphics card: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460
  4. Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 10
  5. Disk space: around 15 GB

For more info about the recommended system requirements, the game's performance and the console versions check the System requirements page.

Hades: Trophy list and platinum

Hades offers 50 trophies, including a platinum (available only on PS4 and PS5). Getting the platinum trophy is a challenge, requiring a large time investment, many demanding achievements and a high level of skill to unlock some of the trophies. You'll have to experience almost everything the game has to offer and finish it many times under different circumstances.

More info about the achievements and the conditions of unlocking them can be found in our trophy guide.

Hades: Polish version

Hades offers polish subtitles. Only the interface, menus and dialogue transcripts are available in Polish. The voice acting is only available in English. For more information, go to the Polish version page in the appendix.

About Hades Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Hades Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Supergiant Games
  • publisher: Supergiant Games
  • platform: PC, Switch

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