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Monster Hunter Rise Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise: All animals - fauna list Monster Hunter Rise guide, walkthrough

This page of the Monster Hunter Rise guide contains information about the local fauna (endemic life).

Last update: 21 September 2021

The following page of the guide to Monster Hunter Rise describes endemic life. You will find out how the creatures are divided into groups, which of them will be useful in battle (hunting helpers), and which will provide permanent reinforcements (permabuffers).

Endemic life forms are small creatures that can help you in various ways to fight monsters. Some increase the Hunter's stats, while others can weaken or even immobilize opponents.

A list of creatures from the endemic life can be found in the Hunter's notes. After a thorough search of the hunting area, all found animals will be marked on the map.

Permabuffers increase the Hunter's stats to complete the hunt and return to the village - Monster Hunter Rise: All animals - fauna list - Basics - Monster Hunter Rise Guide


Permabuffers increase the Hunter's stats to complete the hunt and return to the village. To receive a bonus, you need to get closer to the creatures.

Permabuffers include:

  1. Yellow Spiribirds - increase endurance;
  2. Green Spiribirds - increase health;
  3. Orange Spiribirds - increase defense;
  4. Red Spiribirds - increase attack;
  5. Prism Spiritbirds- increase all stats.

Properly selected Petalace strengthens the action of Spiribirds, you can read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Petalace.

Hunting helper

Support creatures are the life forms you'll find when you hunt. These animals are kept in special cages. You can use them as items during the battle.

A hunter can carry a maximum of 5 support creatures while hunting. If you want to free the cage, you can release the animal in it.

Support creatures include:

  1. Poisontoad - releases a cloud of gas that will poison anyone who enters it;
  2. Blastoad - releases a cloud of gas that causes temporary paralysis to anyone who enters it;
  3. Sleeptoad - releases a cloud of gas that will put to sleep anyone who enters it. An attack that awakens a sleeping creature deals double damage;
  4. Paratoad - releases a cloud of gas that explodes when it comes into contact with a monster or Hunter;
  5. Firebeetle - ignites a monster, which for a short time receives Fireblight damage;
  6. Mudbeetle - infects the monster with Waterblight, which softens the Beast's skin, making it more vulnerable to Hunter attacks;
  7. Thunderbeetle - infects the monster with Thunderblight. A beast infected with this plague is more likely to be stunned by any weapon;
  8. Snowbeetle - infects the monster with Iceblight, which slows it down. It is recommended to use snowbeetle especially on very fast opponents;
  9. Stinkmink - sprays a pheromone that attracts nearby monsters. These creatures are ideal for dragging monsters into traps or to lure the beast out of the wetlands;
  10. Escuregot- emits a mist that will blind the monsters and heal the Hunter together with his helpers;
  11. Puppet Spider - shoots spider webs that immobilize the monster and immediately puts it in mountable state;
  12. Wailnard - its loud voice will lure all the big monsters in the area, who will start to fight each other;
  13. Trapbugs - worms with sharp horns, used as natural traps for monsters. Traps can also slow down the beast or discourage it from pursuing the Hunter;
  14. Antidobra - produces an antidote that will cure the Hunter from the poison and provide protection against various negative effects;
  15. Brewhare - increases the nutritional value of food in the Hunter's equipment. A Brewhare kept in a cage will escape after some time;
  16. Lanternbug - their shell explodes when attacked by a monster, thus reducing the damage received by the Hunter. More wearable Lanternbug will provide better protection;
  17. Gustcrab - a fungus on its shell will unleash a gust of wind that will blow anyone nearby into the air. You can also use this creature if you want to get to higher hunting grounds;
  18. Aurortle - protects the hunter from 1 fatal blow.

Temp buffer

These creatures temporarily increase the Hunter's stats or skills. To activate the action of these animals, you need to approach them and press A.

Temporary buffers include:

  1. Wirebug - work in the same way as basic Wirebugs. Wild wirebugs will be released in a few minutes. A hunter may not carry more than 3 Wirebugs at a time;
  2. Vigorwasp - produces a healing cloud;
  3. Clothfly- produces fog that strengthens defense;
  4. Butterflame - produces fog that strengthens the attack;
  5. Peepersects- reduce durability wear;
  6. Cutterfly - increases the chance of a critical hit;
  7. Lampsquid - depending on the color of the creature increases the statistics of the Hunter. They live only on the Frost Islands.

Ensnaring life

These ensnaring life forms serve as traps to inflict damage on monsters. To activate the action of the creatures, you need to approach them and press A.

Ensnaring life includes:

  1. Flashfly - a cluster of flies can blind and repel a monster. Scattered insects will gather again after some time;
  2. Tricktoad - distracts the monster from the Hunter;
  3. Pincercrab - occurs only on Sandy Plains. A provoked crab will attack nearby monsters. Kunai daggers are best for triggering the animals;
  4. Giganha - occurs only in the Flooded Forest). Setting the meat bait near a cluster of fish will cause them to devour anything in the vicinity.;
  5. Echobat - occurs only in Lava Caverns. They attack intruders with exploding shells.

Crafty creature

You can obtain crafting materials from crafty creatures. To collect an item you need to approach them and press A.

Crafty creatures include:

  1. Boulder Lizard - a common creature that drops regular armor spheres and other crafting materials;
  2. Rock lizard - a rare creature from which you can get better quality armor spheres;
  3. Scale Lizard - the rarest crafty creature, which drops the highest quality armor spheres.

Lucky life

Lucky life are local life forms that, when interacted with, provide benefits to all members of the hunter group. Catching these extremely rare animals is not a simple task. Unlike the rest of the endemic life forms, these creatures often move.

Lucky life forms include:

  1. Fortune Owl - catching an owl provides extra coins after completing the task;
  2. Felicicrow - catching crows provides additional materials from monsters after completing the task.

Rare creatures

Rare creatures are animals that take time to find, because they are not marked on the map, like the rest of the endemic life. You can interact with them with gestures. To get an entry in the Hunter's notes of the animal, you need to take a picture of it.

Rare creatures include:

  1. Snow-faced Fox - only found in Shrine Ruins. More about this can be found on a separate page of the guide: Snow-faced Fox - How to find?
  2. Monksnail - only found in the Frost Islands. Read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Monksnail - How to find?
  3. Regitrice - occurs only on sandy plains. Read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Regitrice - How to find?
  4. Quetzalcobra - only found in Flooded Forest. Read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Quetzalcobra - How to find?
  5. Hellbill- only found in Lava Caverns. Read more about this on a separate page of the guide: Hellbill - How to find?


  1. Great Wirebug - you will receive this creature from a resident of the village Kamura. They should be placed in jewel lilies, which you will find in all areas of hunting. Great Wirebugs are used to launch the Hunter to the highest places in the area, often inaccessible when climbing;
  2. Spiribugs - gold and gilded Spiribugs restore stamina and reward the hunter with Kamura points.
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