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News video games 05 October 2022, 14:43

author: Adam Adamczyk

0 Players Ahead of You in Overwatch 2

More and more players are complaining about problems with Overwatch 2 servers. In this guide, you'll learn about a potential solution to the long queue problem.

Overwatch 2 is already available, and it could have been expected that the game will be very popular. Unfortunately, due to a large number of players wanting to start the game and technical problems with the servers, some people have to wait in line for a very long time, and many players complain that the wait never ends.

Game server connection failed

Those wishing to start playing Overwatch 2 are waiting in long queues and receive messages informing them of their place in the queue. Unfortunately, it often happens that when the waiting list drops to zero, the message informs that there are 0 players waiting in front of us, and then an error pops up, or the number immediately jumps to a much higher one, such as 20,000. Unfortunately, for the time being there is no solution to this problem and one has to wait until it is fixed by the developers..

Possible solution

Although you'll have to wait for the developers to address the situation with the servers, there is a way to get into the game without having to wait in very long queues, and if we're lucky, we may even be able to start the game without having to wait. The way works only on PC and involves changing the region to Asia.

0 Players Ahead of You in Overwatch 2 - picture #1
Change the region in Battlenet

Unfortunately, as this method becomes more popular, Asia's servers may also become overcrowded over time.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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