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News video games 23 March 2019, 20:54

author: Jakub Mirowski

2020's Call of Duty Set in Vietnam or WWII Pacific

According to the information acquired by Gaming INTEL, the upcoming Call of Duty Installment from Sledgehammer Games, slated for 2020, is to be set either in the Pacific theatre of World War II or in Vietnam.

Activision has yet to officially disclose this year's installment of Call of Duty, and rumors have surfaced about the next, seventeenth (!), part of the cycle, which we will be able to play two years from now. Based on infor from an anonymous source, Gaming INTEL reports that in 2020 the series may send the players either to the Pacific during the Second World War or the conflict in Vietnam. The lack of specific information comes from the very early developments stage of the production.

2020s Call of Duty Set in Vietnam or WWII Pacific - picture #1
The Vietnam War became an inspiration for many film classics. However, video game developers are still very cautious about the conflict. / Source: Gaming INTEL.
2020s Call of Duty Set in Vietnam or WWII Pacific - picture #2

We still don't know anything about this year's part installment except that it will offer a single player campaign, which was missing from its predecessor. A clue can also be found in the gifs posted on Twitter by Infinity Ward's community contact specialist, suggesting that her studio may let us shoot at some (oc)cultists this year.

Considering the fact Sledgehammer Games will be developing the next part of Call of Duty, the one scheduled for 2020, a vision of the game set in the realities of the Vietnam War seems quite probable. The first project that the team created for Activision was a third-person shooter focusing on the aforementioned conflict, with particular emphasis on operations in Cambodia. The developers supposedly spent about eight months working on it before they were transferred to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and they had some interesting ideas for the game - enough to say that one of the main inspirations was to be... horror science fiction shooter, Dead Space. In turn, the war in the Pacific would be revisiting a setting from the 2008 release of the warmly-received World at War.

Let's remember, however, that the reports come from just one source - a source, which, as Gaming INTEL points out, was recently taken off the project. It is possible that Sledgehammer Games is preparing something entirely else for us, although we must admit that the perspective of a decent shooter set in Vietnam, especially with a hint of horror, sounds promising. The competing Battlefield series has already tackled the topic twice - maybe it's high time for an answer?

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Jakub Mirowski

Jakub Mirowski

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