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News video games 19 January 2021, 20:25

author: Karol Laska

911 Operator Interactive Movie Announcement Trailer

Here's 911 Operator Interactive Movie, an intriguing combination of a game and a movie from the Polish team at Iron Wolf Studio. The first trailer of the game has appeared online.

  • Interactive movie doubling as a simulator of an emergency number operator;
  • A title based on the license of 911 Operator, an indie game that has gained recognition among gamers in recent years;
  • The game will first be coming to PC, where it is scheduled to launch in 2022.

Polish team at Iron Wolf Studio announced its latest project, which is something on the borderline of two media - video games and cinema. We're talking about a full-length interactive movie called 911 Operator - Interactive Movie, and you can watch its newly published trailer below.

It is quite possible that you remember the title. The developers use the license of 911 Operator IP belonging to Games Operators, and in 2017 another studio, Jutsu Games, released a game under this a title, being, in the simplest terms, a simulator of an emergency number operator. The title has won a loyal group of fans, and its most interesting mechanics will help to create an original project. The president of Iron Wolf Studio S.A., Bartosz Pluta (via Better Gaming Agency [in Polish]) commented on the work:

"This is another project from the interactive movie genre that we are working on. We are big fans of both cinema and video games, and we see how much narrative potential lies in merging these two worlds. What's more, the strong license of 911 Operator gives us an extra edge and access to interested players."

The title is set to launch in 2022. Initially, it will be coming only to PC (there's even a page on Steam already), but the devs intend to work on versions for other platforms as well. The title will be based on an original narrative full of choices, which are to influence, among others, the shape of the ending. The main role in the interactive movie will be played by Philip Lenkovski - a professional actor (usually supporting), whom you may know from Miloš Forman's outstanding Amadeus or Borys Lankosz's A Grain of Truth. Games Operators and PlayWay are responsible for the publishing of the game.

Karol Laska

Karol Laska

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