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News video games 19 October 2023, 08:00

author: Kamil Kleszyk

A New Expansion for Stellaris Will Reveal the Mysteries of Alternative Dimensions

Stellaris, a sci-fi strategy game, will receive another expansion later this year. Astral Planes will allow players to explore parallel worlds, uncovering their secrets and creatures.

Source: Stellaris developed by Paradox Interactive

Even though Stellaris will be seven years old this year, Paradox Interactive does not stop developing this popular strategy. Proof of this is the recently announced Astral Planes, narrative-focused expansion, which will debut later this year on PC.

Thanks to new reality-breaking technologies and systems, in Astral Planes players will explore alternative dimensions and encounter creatures and phenomena in numerous parallel worlds. They will chart their own path through the unknown in self-contained and fully branching narratives, adding new depth and agency to player choices – from the developers' announcement.

According to the information provided by the developers, the Astral Planes expansion will introduce:

  1. new systems and technologies that will give players the ability to manipulate space-time and "interact with the galaxy in unexpected ways";
  2. alternative worlds to explore. Each of them has unique properties, significantly different from those we have had the chance to encounter so far. While traversing the unknown space, we will encounter creatures inhabiting them, and also discover their ancient secrets;
  3. "branching narratives" that we will be able to navigate for the first time thanks to a special interface "specifically designed to maximize the effects of player choice." The decisions we will have to make are not going to be easy.

Check out the trailer for Astral Planes above.

  1. Stellaris - official site

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