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News video games 22 February 2023, 15:12

author: Sonia Selerska

Stellaris: First Contact Release Date; DLC Introduces Surprising Mechanic

The upcoming story expansion for Stellaris will introduce more than the tales of less developed civilizations. New mechanics have the potential to completely change the gameplay.

Announced a month ago, the First Contact DLC for Stellaris has received a new trailer. Thanks to it, we got to know the release date of the DLC and we also got a story background for the upcoming gameplay mechanics.

We already know that Stellaris: First Contact will debut on March 14, 2023.. The DLC is now available for pre-order on Steam.

  1. Stellaris: First Contact on Steam

The story expansion focuses the narrative from the very beginning around the Kingdom of Yordarim, whose members and history we get to know better in the new trailer. The history of this people is closely linked to the lead theme of First Contact, which is the galactic conquest from the perspective of less developed civilizations.

If the plot of Stellaris is a less important element for you, the new addition may still interest you.

  • Based on the story dilemmas, new mechanics of interaction with nations who have not yet developed the technology of FTL travel will come to the game - as technologically advanced travelers you will be able to gain devoted allies who value your achievements, or terrorize technologically and scientifically lesser beings.
  • As many as 3 new origins will enable you to experience "breaking the shackles, revenge and fear of darkness".
  • The existing gameplay will be transformed by new cloaking technology - invisible to the eye danger may wait for you at every step. Your ships and surveillance outposts will be able to conduct their research unnoticed, but your opponents will probably try to do the same, from which your sensors and intelligence technology will protect you.
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