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News guides 26 May 2023, 15:28

author: Damian Gacek

Above Snakes - Console Release (PS5, Xbox and Switch) Explained

In this guide we will talk about console release of Above Snakes. If you want to know if the game will be released on PS5, Xbox or Switch, read our article.

Yesterday marked the highly anticipated debut of Above Snakes, captivating survival enthusiasts. This game brings a fresh twist to the genre by introducing a unique mechanic that enables players to piece together their own maps using smaller fragments. This innovative feature adds a puzzle-like element, as players must carefully connect the suitable elements. In addition to this map-building aspect, the game incorporates essential survival elements, including resource gathering and tool crafting. For now, the game was released only on PC. Many players wonder, if it will available on other platforms – PS5, Xbox and Switch. In this guide we will answer this question.

Above Snakes - PS5, Xbox and Switch

Woluld you like to play Above Snakes on consoles? We have some good news to share. Developers plan to port the game to different platforms. We can read this in FAQ published by them on the Steam forum:

Yes, we will port Above Snakes to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation 5. We can not confirm any dates yet since that is something we will start working on in the future.

As you can see, creators are confident about the ports. It is unknown when they will be launched, though. So, you have to be patient. Nevertheless, if the works start right now, console versions will not appear very soon – probably in a few months, maybe even later (next year or two). It depends on many factors.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Above Snakes

Above Snakes