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News guides 17 April 2024, 02:37

author: Olga Fiszer

Algae in Planet Crafter - Algae Generator doesn’t work

Looking for a quick Algae guide in Planet Crafter? Here’s everything you need to know about the Algae Generator and what to do when no new Algae are spawning.

Source: The Planet Crafter; developer: Miju Games

Planet Crafter is a survival game where you play as an astronaut tasked with making a barren world habitable for humans. You’ll gather resources, build a base, and use technology to increase oxygen, heat, and pressure, transforming the planet’s ecosystem. Algae is a crucial ingredient for crafting two important items in the game. Read more, if you want to know how to find this resource in Planet Crafter, and how the Algae Generator works.

Planet Crafter – How to Get Algae

With Algae, you can create Bacteria Samples that are a key ingredient used to fuel many of the Biomass machines. This material is also necessary for making Fertilizers that improve the efficiency of your farms.

There are two ways to obtain Algae in Planet Crafter:

  1. Explore the Underwater and harvest Algae with basic tools. Look for plant-like structures in lakes and underwater areas.
  2. Algae Generator is the most reliable and efficient way to get a consistent supply of Algae.

How does Algae Generator work in Planet Crafter

Here’s all you need to know about Algae Generator in Planet Crafter:

  1. You will unlock the Algae Generator T1 and T2 once you achieved a certain level of planetary heat and biomass.
  2. Once unlocked, craft an Algae Generator using the Blueprints menu and place it in a body of water on the surface.
  3. The generator will take some time to activate. Then, it will produce strands of Algae underwater. Swim beneath the generator and interact with the plant to harvest it.

Some players have noticed an issue with their Algae Generator, when the machine is at a 100%, but they still can’t see any new fronds underwater. If that happens, try re-entering the game to refresh Algae spawn.

There are tiers of Algae Generators, with higher tiers producing more Algae per cycle. Once you unlock the Auto-Crafters, you can automate Algae harvesting. New fronds grow in batches, so waiting for them to mature before collecting will yield more Algae per harvest.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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