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News guides 15 April 2024, 07:18

author: Agnes Adamus

Planet Crafter 1.0 - How to Get Osmium

Do you look for Osmium in Planet Crafter? From this guide you will learn where to find this resource.

Source: Planet Crafter, developer: Miju Games

The Planet Crafter is an adventure game with survival elements. You take role of an astronaut which was sent to an alien planet. Your mission is to make the place habitable. To achieve this goal you will have to collect resources. From this guide you will learn where to find Osmium.

How to Get Osmium in Planet Crafter?

Osmium is one of the most important mid-game materials. It can be used to build many machines like Ore Extractor, DNA Manipulator and Teleporter. You can find this resource in several places. The simplest way to get it is to search Storage Crates around the map (there is a chance that you will find Osmium in it). However, most of it is locked behind gameplay progress – this is because the osmium caves are blocked by ice and you have to raise the temperature to a certain level to melt it.

As already mentioned, you can found Osmium in caves all over the map. When you reach one of them, you may find material lying on the ground, so you can collect it manually. However, there is a more efficient method of getting this resource – Ore Extractor T2. When you set it up it will automatically collect materials. All that remains for you is to take them from the machine.

So, the question remains. Where to find caves with Osmium? We can name a few places:

  1. The first one is located not far from where you will start your adventure. You will find it on a hill near a shipwreck.
  2. Next place is a passage between the Cracked Spires and the Wasteland.
  3. The third place is a cave that connects Derelict Desert and Grand Rift.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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