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News video games 06 April 2021, 21:49

New Arma III DLC Will Take Us to Vietnam

Bohemia Interactive has announced the next expansion for Arma III. The expansion will be titled S.O.G. Prairie Fire and will enable us to take part in the Vietnam War.

  • Bohemia Interactive announced the release of S.O.G. Prairie Fire expansion for Arma III;
  • The DLC will enable us to take part in the Vietnam War in the ranks of one of four factions: United States Army, Army of the Republic of Vietnam, People's Army of Vietnam or the Vietcong;
  • The new content is co-developed by Savage Game Design, which specializes in creating experiences based on the conflict on the Indochinese Peninsula;
  • The expansion is scheduled for release on Steam in Q2 2021.

Bohemia Interactive announced another DLC for Arma III from the Creator DLC series, co-develop by third-party developers. This time, the Czech company's choice fell on Savage Game Design group, founded in 2017, which specializes in creating immersive and realistic experiences from the Vietnam War. The expansion titled S.O.G. Prairie Fire will be released in the second quarter of 2021 and will take the players to the times of the second modern military conflict in Indochina, which took place in the years 1955-1975.


The DLC is expected to introduce a unique map, measuring 300 square kilometers, covering all historical areas where the hostilities took place. Additionally, 4 new factions will be introduced (the United States Army, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the People's Army of Vietnam, and the Viet Cong) and each of them will get specific, faithfully reproduced equipment. There will also be over 50 new weapons (from pistols and revolvers through shotguns and rocket launchers, to grenades and deadly traps) and as many vehicles. The expansion will also bring 5 single-player scenarios, 9 available in multiplayer, and a co-op campaign.

The foundation of the latter will be the United States Special Forces unit known as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group. In short: MACV-SOG or simply SOG (now you know where the title of the expansion comes from). The unit existed from 1964-72 and its mission was to conduct covert operations in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Savage Game Design Studio worked closely with the veterans who served in the unit to portray their experiences and the reality of the conflict as accurately as possible.


Vietnamese specialists were also consulted, so even the game's audio is designed to replicate the sounds of guerrilla warfare in the jungle as closely as possible: the rustling of vegetation, the whispers of soldiers, the crack of bullets, explosions, and the screams of the wounded. What's more, we'll also hear an atmospheric rock and blues soundtrack that was composed using original Vietnamese instruments.

S.O.G. Prairie Fire - like 2019's Global Mobilization: Cold War German, which sold 130,000 copies - will not be a standalone add-on, which means that we will need to own the base version of Arma III to play it. The expansion will be available directly on Steam - the new content has been priced at 22.99 euros. In order to ensure a smooth release, closed beta tests with the participation of selected members of the community are to be held in the next two weeks. The specific release date of the DLC will be announced shortly afterwards. After that, Bohemia Interactive will focus on the third expansion in the Creator DLC series - Iron Curtain, co-created by CSLA Studio, which will take us to Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

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