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News video games 11 July 2023, 14:54

author: Adam Celarek

Baldur's Gate 3 and The Last of Us Have One Scary Thing in Common

The theme of necromancy and resurrection of the dead is a staple in fantasy worlds. The latest footage shows a rather unorthodox approach to corpse reanimation, which we will encounter in Baldur's Gate 3.

Source: Larian Studios; Naughty Dog

Media hype surrounding Baldur's Gate 3 continues. Not so long ago we reported about a ton of new information revealed at the Panel from Hell. And recently, Larian used TikTok to present, in a humorous way, another specialization for the druid, which will come to the game after release. It's skills may be familiar to fans of The Last of Us.

Mushroom zombies

Circle of Spores is a subclass for the druid class in the Dungeons & Dragons system, characterized by a rather practical approach to the issue of life cycle and death. Using a variety of spores, specialists in this field are able to reanimate corpses and transform them into faithful mushroom minions.

The latest material from Larian presents a glimpse of a druid character, for whom casting of spells is associated with a rather funny sequence of movements. Humorous nature of the presentation is complemented by a funny song about "mushroom dance" by a well-known youtuber videogamedunkey.

In turn, on the last shot we are given to see the end result of a series of spells - a pair of terrifying zombies covered with fungus and looking surprisingly similar to the clickers from Naughty Dog's hit series.

So if you are planning to play Baldur's Gate 3, you're interested in the theme of ruling undead, but the school of necromancy seems too cliché for you, then the Circle of Spores subclass for the druid may prove to be an interesting alternative.

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