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News video games 28 February 2020, 10:37

Baldur's Gate 3 Can be Completed in 40 Hours

The team at Larian Studios shared details on the length of Baldur's Gate III. Moreover, the pre-release presentation of the game gave us a picture of the scope of changes introduced by the developers, compared to the previous installments of the series.

  1. Completing the main storyline of Baldur's Gate III will take about forty hours;
  2. Players who want to deal in side quests and explore the world will spend much more time with the game;
  3. The biggest changes introduced by the creators to the earlier parts of the series are: turn-based combat system, action RPG dialogues, four-person party and colorful, detailed graphics.

Soon after the announcement of Baldur's Gate III we got the first information about its length. Today, however, we have more specific data for you on this subject. As Swen Vincke, the head of Larian Studios, the team working on the title, told our editor at the game's presentation, the main storyline is supposed to last for about forty hours of fun. Players who want to get to know the vast world better and will not shy away from side quests should, however, spend much more time with this production; perhaps even a hundred hours... or much more, given the gigantic size of the studio's previous game, Divinity: Original Sin II.

"See this? This is my AAA-game."

Let us remind that yesterday we could watch the game in action for the first time. The presentation of the game proved that Belgian developers are not afraid to make changes and, while working on Baldur's Gate III, they draw inspiration from both the earlier installments of the series and the pen&paper Dungeons & Dragons system, as well as from their earlier works, beginning with Divinity: Original Sin titles.

Additionally, our editor had the opportunity to take part in a longer presentation of the game, which resulted in our preview. As you can read in it, the third BG will stand out from its predecessors, among other things (or perhaps rather - above all), with the turn-based combat system. An important role in combat will be played not only by the individual abilities of each character (this time the party will have four rather than six members), but also by the possibilities offered by the environment. Destructible objects, such as explosive barrels, flammable substances or barely-holding-together objects like bridges, as well as terrain can be used to your advantage.

Turn-based combat is probably the biggest change introduced in Baldur's Gate III.

It is also worth mentioning that the game will use the improved technology developed for Divinity: Original Sin II. Nevertheless, its visuals will be much more detailed than in the second Original Sin, and the color palette will be subdued. The number of details will be especially visible during conversations with NPCs, which are modelled after those from the first Dragon Age.

For more details on the novelties in Baldur's Gate III, please refer to our preview. You'll find out, among other things, how a typical battle will look like, the possibilities that await us in the character editor, or the story told in the game. Meanwhile, we would like to remind that the production in question is coming to PC and Google Stadia, but its release date is not yet known. In "a few months", however, the title will be available in early access, and then all those willing will be able to find out what the gameplay in the third Baldur looks like.

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