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News video games 18 June 2021, 16:34

author: Patryk Lukasz Kubiak

Baldur's Gate 3 Won't Leave Early Access This Year, Dev Confirms

The founder of Larian Studios has confirmed that Baldur's Gate 3 will definitely not be leaving early access this year. He also explained what the studio is currently working on.


Baldur's Gate 3 will not be leaving early access this year, the game should be expected in 2022, the developers confirm.

Baldur's Gate 3 is definitely not coming out this year. The game is still in early access and the developers are rolling out new patches, but the last major update was in February when the druid class was added. Already in April this year, there were rumors that there is no chance for the debut of the full version of the game this year. Now, in an interview with GameSpot founder of Larian Studios Swen Vincke, responsible for the title, admitted that the continuation of Baldur's Gate will not be leaving early access in 2021.

"We're really trying to finish the game by next year. It's definitely not releasing this year."

At the moment, the studio is busy improving existing solutions in the game while finishing the rest of the project. The next big patch for Baldur's Gate will not add any new elements, but will instead focus on incorporating user feedback and improving those aspects of gameplay about which there are most doubts.

For this reason, we should not expect in the near future, for example, a new character class added to the game. Vincke also referred to the objections of a large number of players who use the character for close combat - warrior. They note that they have too few options to use during clashes. However, as the creator stated, in Dungeons & Dragons it's part of the nature of playing this class.

"In D&D the warrior class is a tutorial class. In the tabletop version it serves to teach you how to play, but ends up giving you limited options at the start."

Vincke was also asked about a possible dungeon master mode - like the one we know from Divinity: Original Sin 2. And while he himself admitted that Baldur's Gate would benefit from it, that mode is not currently in development. So it looks like Larian Studios still has a lot of work to do and players will just have to be patient.

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