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News video games 26 June 2023, 15:45

Barbie Cars in Forza Horizon 5 - Internet laughs, Fans Embarrassed [Update]

The Forza Horizon series has already featured Hot Wheels and LEGO - now it's Barbie's turn. After the latest update, players discovered two oversized cars in FH5, including a pink Chevrolet Corvette that vividly resembles the car driven by Margot Robbie in the upcoming movie.

Source: Barbie; Greta Gerwig; Warner Bros. Pictures; 2023


However, we did not have to wait until the release of Barbie (and the start of Series 23) for an explanation of the mystery of the two pink cars present in Forza Horizon 5. Microsoft has just announced, that today both models listed below will become available for free to all players - you will be able to take them out of the virtual letterbox until August 14.

In addition, the studio announced a "clip about different career paths in the world of video games, in which the developers of Forza will talk about their career experiences, motivations and personal connections to Barbie."

Original news (June 22)

Rarely do I see the leading gaming websites noticing a new update for Forza Horizon 5. That changed this week - and it was accompanied by a lot of laughs (vide PCGamesN) - when it came to light that the latest update, released on Tuesday, added two more cars to the game than Playground Games had announced.

Reviewing the car collection screens and Horizon Promo, players discovered the following puzzling items:

  1. 1956 Chevrolet 'Barbie Movie' Corvette EV,
  2. 2022 GMC 'Barbie Movie' Hummer EV Pickup.

Do you already understand where the laughter and embarrassment came from? Yes, all indications are that Microsoft has struck a deal with Warner Bros. under which the upcoming movie Barbie will be advertised in Forza Horizon 5.

The content evidently made its way into the game prematurely, as the developer hasn't stammered a word about it, and players can only see thumbnails for both cars. At least officially - inquisitive fans have their own secret ways to get to each vehicle placed in the game files and drive it. Hence the presence materials like the one below on the web:

While the Hummer in Barbie version probably differs only in skin from the standard model available in the game, more noteworthy is the pink-skinned Chevrolet Corvette. It's a unique piece, faithfully replicating the one Margot Robbie drives on the screen - not only is it an electric car, but has also been slightly downsized from the real once (so, for example, the driver's head sticks out over the windshield).

Although we don't yet know how this content will manifest itself in the game (i.e., whether it is to be a full-fledged prize on the Festival Playlist, or whether it will be on the sidelines and, for example, appear in some secondary event), not a few fans of the series loudly expres their dissatisfaction with this discovery.

Already the DLCs licensed from brands such as Hot Wheels and LEGO are balancing on the edge of good taste for many gamers - i.e., for people who would like their Forza Horizon as realistic as possible. So it's easy to understand that Barbie causes fairly widespread scorn and embarrassment. Heck, there have even been attempts to "vote" a block of crossover on the series forum, but a small fight broke out and the moderation had to break up the users.

We are left to wait until Series 22, which starts today, begins to lean towards the end and Playground Games will hold another broadcast, where it will reveal to us what awaits Forza Horizon 5 in Series 23. The latter will begin on July 20 - exactly one day before the global release of Barbie . Coincidence?

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