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News video games 10 October 2022, 14:23

author: Agnes Adamus

Barotrauma - How to Dock

Want to learn how docking in Barotrauma works? Here you will find the most important information about this maneuver.

Barotrauma is a submarine simulator, which is distinguished by high level of complexity. Even the simplest activities can end in disaster. Below you will find information on how to dock the ship and where the hatches should be located.

How to dock in Barotrauma?

Docking requires a lot of precision and feel, so it can be problematic at first. However, with time you should get the hang of it. The entire process is done from the navigation terminal. As you approach the outpost, you will see two green dashes - one each on the ship and the settlement. These are the docking hatches. In order to maneuver correctly, you must position yourself so that both lines are more or less in the position shown in the graphic below.

Barotrauma - How to Dock - picture #1

The game does not tolerate large deviations, so the lines must not just slightly touch each other. It will be easiest if you try to line up evenly to the entrance still on the distant map, this way you correct only deviations of small angles while in the final approach. Without making sudden movements, you will quickly find the right position. Finally, all you have to do is press the "dock" button.

If you have a big problem with docking, the help lines can make it easier. They determine your position relative to the docking hatch at a given facility. If the green line is perpendicular to the hatch, you are in a perfect position.

You must also remember to slow down before docking. Otherwise, you will hit the station with too much momentum. The game does not provide for damage caused by such a collision.

In theory, the game has an autopilot. In practice, however, you will not find it useful for docking. This is because the game does not provide an option for this maneuver to be done by the AI. It can only take you to the outpost area.

Where should the docking hatch be located?

If you are building your own submarine, then you need to remember to properly position the docking hatches. The absolute must is one placed on top of the boat. This is because it is required to connect to all outposts on the map. Also keep in mind that it should be located at the highest point of the vessel.

The second docking hatch, on the other hand, should be located at the bottom of the ship. It will then serve to connect to other ships. For example, you can hook up a transport ship with a reborn crew member to it.

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