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News video games 11 October 2022, 16:32

author: Agnes Adamus

Barotrauma - Where Do Bought Items Go

Barotrauma offers the opportunity to trade with the outposts you visit. Here you will find information on how this mechanic works and where the goods you acquire go.

During your adventure in Barotrauma you will arrive at a number of outposts where you will find traders. You will purchase a number of useful items from them. Below you will find information on how this mechanic works and where the goods you have purchased go to.

Where to find purchased goods?

Everything you have bought will be on board only when you leave the outpost and set sail. As soon as you set sail, you can head to the cargo hold. There you will find a box lying on the ground, above which you can see the shopping cart logo. It is inside of it that you will find the purchased goods.

Barotrauma - Where Do Bought Items Go - picture #1

Where to buy goods?

In each outpost located on the map you will find traders. In the current version of the game, settlements have two merchants - a general merchant and a doctor trading in medicines. They are marked with a shopping cart icon, as presented on the graphic below.

Barotrauma - Where Do Bought Items Go - picture #2

The goods offered by the general vendor depend on which outpost you are in. An example being in a mining settlement, you can replenish your supply of metals. Military vendors, on the other hand, can sell you weapons.

You should also keep in mind that you are not able to buy and sell goods indefinitely. This is because each trader has a limited amount of supplies and cash. As for the first aspect, next to each item you will see how much pieces you are able to purchase. As for the money available to the trader, it is always a fixed number of 5000 credits.

You must also bear in mind that prices are dynamic. The rate you will come to pay for the goods depends on:

  1. Relationships with the dominant faction in a given outpost. For every 10 reputation points, you will receive a 1% discount. So at most you can get a 10% discount. This also works the other way around. If you have a bad reputation, the prices will go up.
  2. The type of settlement in which you buy.

In addition, merchants also have special offers on selected goods.

Barotrauma - Where Do Bought Items Go - picture #3
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