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News guides 14 March 2023, 15:47

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Mine in Barotrauma 1.0

In Barotrauma you can mine minerals that can be turned into resources needed for crafting. If you are wondering how to get them, here is the answer.

Barotrauma is an elaborate submarine simulator in which every action is a challenge. One wrong move and all your plans can end in failure. This applies even to such seemingly simple things as extracting resources. From here you will learn how to locate minerals and how to mine them.

Barotrauma - how to look for minerals?

In Barotrauma it is possible to find many different minerals. They can be located on virtually any rock that surrounds you. However, their occurrence is not extremely frequent, so checking everything in sight is a waste of time and resources.

It is definitely better to use mineral scanners. To do this, you need to open the sonar panel, set it to active mode and activate the function shown in the graphic below.

How to Mine in Barotrauma 1.0 - picture #1

Keep in mind, however, that not every device will offer this option. By default, it is built into Handheld Sonar. The item, however, carries some limitations. This tool requires battery power, and in addition, you need to designate a person who will be responsible for keeping an eye on the scanner. Therefore, use it if you have the need to go outside the ship. You can then take this device with you and look for resources on the occasion. Of course, then you need to keep in mind that the working sonar makes sounds that can catch the attention of local wildlife.

The second and more effective option is to use the Navigation Terminal. The captain can search for minerals during standard navigation. In this case, however, the option is not unlocked by default. It must be purchased from one of the outposts from a person specializing in ship upgrades (marked with a green icon with arrows pointing upwards). Keep in mind, however, that this modification is only available for scout and transport ships.

There is also an option to get around this limitation and save some money. In the ship editor you can overwrite the selected ship. You don't need to be familiar with engineering to do this. Just go to the Navigation Terminal configuration panel and check the "Has mineral scanner" option.

How to Mine in Barotrauma 1.0 - picture #2
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Barotrauma - how to extract minerals?

Once you have located resource deposits, it remains for you to mine them. To do this, you need to take a Plasma Cutter. Then swim up to the mineral and direct the torch at it. After a while you will detach the crystal, which can be then picked up and taken back to the ship.

Remember, however, that the Plasma Cutter is powered by an Oxygen Tank. So you must always have a supply of them with you. Also be careful not to make a mistake. If you connect a Welding Fuel Tank to the torch then starting it will cause an explosion.

Barotrauma - dangerous resources

After you have mined the required resources, you can transfer them to the deck and, using the Deconstructor, convert them into the minerals you need for crafting. Before you do this, however, make sure what you get from it. There are four dangerous elements in the game:

  1. Lithium
  2. Magnesium
  3. Potassium
  4. Sodium

They explode when they come into contact with water. Therefore, if you do not have space in waterproof cabinets, it is better not to process minerals containing these elements. One attack by a larger monster and your ship will turn into a death trap.

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