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News video games 25 November 2015, 11:45

author: luckie

Batman: Arkham Knight on PC apparently fixed

The latest update for Batman: Arkham Knight seems to have fixed the PC version of the game. Fans who used to have problems with the game performance now report an improvement.

Batman: Arkham Knight fans report on Reddit and Steam that the latest (November 24th) update actually fixed the PC version of the game. Those who previously were unable to enjoy smooth experience due to stuttering, frame drops, and constant crashes, say the game plays much better now. A look into the patch notes reveals that Rocksteady managed to “improve VRAM management to reduce framerate hitches”, among other fixes. This seems to be a good reason for celebration, especially for those who had been waiting to play Batman: Arkham Knight on PC since its original release on June 23rd and did not see any improvement after its return to stores last month.

Batman: Arkham Knight on PC apparently fixed - picture #1
Most PC players had to wait a very long time to finally enjoy a smooth experience in Batman: Akham Knight.

This new update also paved the way for a bunch of November DLC packs, which are now available on Steam (most of them costs $1.99). These are: Catwoman’s Revenge, A Flip of a Coin, Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #4, Robin and Batmobile Skins Pack, WayneTech Track Pack, and Riddler Themed Batmobile Skin. These obviously come at no extra cost for Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass owners.

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