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author: Vergil

Battlefield 5: new vehicle and fixes in second January patch

DICE released the second January patch for Battlefield V. The developers have introduced a new vehicle, and dealt with a number of issues plaguing their work.

On January 17 Battlefield V received an update inaugurating the second chapter of Theatres of War. Today, the game has seen its second January patch, which introduced, among other things, a new vehicle, added new features to the training ground, as well as brought improvements to the Panzerstorm map. In addition, the authors did not omit to trample a number of bugs and adapt to selected opinions and bug reports received from the community.

Battlefield 5: new vehicle and fixes in second January patch - picture #1
DICE does what it can to fill Battlefield V with new content.

The aforementioned vehicle is Sturmgeschutz IV, a self-propelled assault gun used by the Axis; its upper machine gun post and a remote-controlled turret, which is operated from the inside, make it ideal for defensive operations. To unlock it, you need to complete a week-long challenge in the third event of Chapter II: Lightning Strikes.

A long list of improvements includes, among other things, dealing with the problem of damage to enemies overcoming large terrain obstacles, as well as the possibility of freely assigning the buttons that allow you to look around the cockpit of the plane.

Additionally, the developers got rid of some bugs affecting versions for particular platforms. On PC, players joining friends on full servers will be queued up from now on, and AMD graphics card users will be able to see the loading screen faster when playing alone. On Xbox One, the chat window has been restored, and an error that occurs when you return to the game after the console wakes up from sleep mode has been fixed. In addition to restoring the chat window on PlayStation 4, the ability to view player profiles on the platoon search screen has been introduced.

Battlefield V made its debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation on November 4, 20, 2018. Despite the high review scores, the title does not sell as expected by the publisher, which, according to one analyst, may be a result of consumer anger caused by, among other things, deficiencies in content.

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