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News video games 21 December 2018, 11:27

author: Aquma

Battlefield 5 sales at disappointing level?

Battlefield V sales are disappointing due to player dissatisfaction and delayed content. Well, a big game with big problems.

Battlefield 5 sales at disappointing level? - picture #1
Battlefield V is having a rough time?


  1. According to SeekingAlpha analyst Battlefield V is not doing very well on the market;
  2. Electronic Arts is expected to lower its revenue forecast in FY 2018 and the game is sold at cheaper price which are considered as proofs to the above situation;
  3. Delayed content and disappointed players are the cause of such events.

SeekingAlpha analyst (information is only available to account holders), John Miller, said that further adjustments should be expected in the amount of money Electronic Arts is going to make on Battlefield V. Although we don't have any hard data yet, the sale of this title is disappointing – as the expert explains.

Miller puts forward several arguments, such as the fact that the publisher officially lowered its revenue estimates for the 2018 financial year - from 5.55 to 5.20 billion dollars. The second worrying signal is the abnormally fast and large (reaching 50%) discounts of the latest EA DICE title. These were offered shortly after the game release.

According to the analyst, the reasons for this state of affairs should be seen in the delay of the battle royal mode (and subsequent fragments of the single player campaign), as well as the dissatisfaction of consumers, caused by the untypical presentation of the Second World War. In this context, it is worth recalling the loud statement of Patrick Söderlund, who said that players should not buy the game if they can’t live up with EA’s ideas (the main issue was related with presence of women in WW2). It seems that the players took his advice to their hearts. In short, the production made a bad first impression and did not manage to erase it - at least not fully.

Battlefield V is available on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A few weeks ago, the title was heavily updated with a new chapter for the campaign, an extra map in multiplayer mode and improved ray tracing performance.

  1. Battlefield V – official webpage
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