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News video games 30 March 2022, 10:28

Hackers Attack Servers of Older Battlefields; Players Complain About DICE's Lack of Response

Servers of several Battlefield games are being attacked by hackers. EA DICE seems to ignore the problem.

  • Older editions of Battlefield are struggling with hacker attacks;
  • Private and official servers were hit with DDoS attacks;
  • Players complain about the lack of response from the developers.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment of the popular series, but many people still play older games as well. Ironically, they are more popular than last year's title.

At this point more players launch the initially hated Battlefield 5 and the age-old BF4. It seems that fans are returning to these games to reminisce about the "good old days" of the series.

Unfortunately, their gameplay is often spoiled by cheaters and hackers operating unhindered.

Attacks on servers and omnipresent cheaters

For more than a year, complaints of private server owners in Battlefield games have appeared on thwe web (via MP1st).

They draw attention to hackers who spoil the gameplay of other players without any consequences. They regularly launch DDoS attacks that cause server crashes.

Hackers try to make life miserable for as many people as possible. They deliberately wait for a server to fill up with players before bringing it down.

This does not concern only private servers - the attacks also hit those officialy supported by DICE. Despite this, it is usually not associated with any consequences.

This frustrates many players as well as server owners. Some have even given up on continuing their business.

Hackers Attack Servers of Older Battlefields; Players Complain About DICEs Lack of Response - picture #1
Source: Twitter

Lack of response from the developers

Players and server owners feel abandoned by the developers because DICE does not respond to numerous reports. Hackers remain a real issues and face no punishment.

Many people are reminded of the studio's approach to the issue of cheaters. After a while, the developers stopped responding to reports of cheaters.

Players partially dealt with this problem themselves. Admins of private servers controlled the situation and punished cheaters. Cheaters remained a nuisance only on official servers.

However, the problem of hackers launching DDoS attacks cannot be solved this way. The issue requires a response from DICE, which is nowhere to be seen.

Few people believe that this will change. Players have been reporting problems with attacks on servers for over a year. Despite this, DICE has remained silent. So there is growing concern among the community that older Battlefields will end up like Titanfall.

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