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News video games 08 April 2024, 05:48

author: Adrian Werner

Graphic Highlights Battlefield 4's Rich Content. It’s Been Long Journey

A fan of Battlefield 4 has created a graphic that clearly shows how rich in content this installment of the series was. BF2042 is much more modest in this regard.

Source: Electronic Arts

Do you have fond memories of Battlefield 4? If so, you are not alone. The fan with the nickname MoneyElk clearly showed why so many players hold this title in high esteem. He prepared an infographic that shows in one image all the content this game has ended up with - after all patches and DLC.

In the graphics, you can see all the factions, vehicles, weapons, gadgets, maps, and camouflage patterns with which BF4 finished its development. The number of these elements is overwhelming - modern versions of the franchise are far from the richness of Battlefield 4. For instance, in total the title offered 32 maps, which is significantly more than BF2042 has (20 maps). Also, Battlefield V was more modest in this respect. We need to look back at Battlefield 1 to find a release of the series with a comparable number of maps.

Graphic Highlights Battlefield 4s Rich Content. It’s Been Long Journey - picture #1

Photo Source: MoneyElk

MoneyElk praises Battlefield 4, calling it the best multiplayer game he has ever played. He acknowledges that the title initially debuted in an incomplete state, but the developers were able to fix it later on. The gameplay of the game, along with its rich additional content, led him to spend over a thousand hours in BF4.

It's hard not to agree with him. Battlefield 2042 not only has significantly less content, but the game was released in a much worse technical state than BF4, which also wasn't perfect in that regard.

Battlefield 4, despite being almost eleven years old, still has a devoted group of fans. On Steam alone, yesterday's activity record was 1,981 players playing simultaneously. For a game so outdated and long undeveloped, this is an impressive result.

It's also worth noting that currently, on Valve's platform, Battlefield 2042 is less popular than Battlefield V, whose activity record yesterday was 10,000 players higher than the latest installment of the series.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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